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I wrote this poem after staring at a painting in my doctor's office and trying to imagine what the artist was trying to get across. A young girl was standing on the edge of a pond under a willow right about dusk. It struck me in a profound and sad way, so I tried to voice what the artist tried to portray.

Shadowed Eyes

Someday in the distant future
A memory will float upon you
Like the whispering willows
Being tossed by the wind

A thought touching you deep
A memory to be longed for
In her lost shadowed eyes
That once showed you love

Now the torment is gone
Her life went on
Forgotten reasons
Imprisoning her soul

Remember her
To your last breath
For in the folds of her heart
You have forever remained

Hidden in the haze of her reverie
Stroking her stoned heart
She feels no more sorrow
Just the warm soft glow

The roads she has wandered
Never revealed
The person you never knew
For it never will

No promises rendered
No dreams subdued
No more warm stormy nights
To capture her mood

Maybe you'll feel her
Her scent burning in the night
Recalling her touch
While shadowed in moonlight

She once had loved you
Holding you tight
Now her shadowed eyes
Can forever haunt you in the night
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6 Visitor Comments

this reminds me of me except it's a guy not a girl haha
I love this poem. It is beautifully written and hits home.
I just loved the poem. it touched my heart deep within. And I am going to keep it with me, forever. Nothing more I can say about this poem.
A very lonely poem yet very dramatic and endearing. It made me feel like I was that girl looking down on that pond reminiscing memories of her lost love.
Sweet Madness, eh. do you know me by any change? 'cause you've touch my soul with this poem. I love it.
Sweet, Melodious, Heart-breaking, saddening, yet, GREAT!

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