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A grimly humorous rant about death on the roads - not human death (as if that wasn't bad enough) but animal eradication which is a thriving sport in every country in the world where wildlife and automobiles come together. Please Drive Carefully

Road Kill

Why need you hunt with dogs, or with guns
Why fish all day to throw back for fun
When your primeval instincts are fully fulfilled
By a messy, but effortless, Main Road Kill.

A racetrack of slaughter, enclosed for your pleasure
Providing a hunting ground there at your leisure
There's no place at all for the victim to hide
And a kill is assured if the road is not wide

Terrified rabbits crouch as you close
Wheels gored with death on this killing road
Approach with a speed that a bullet can't match
And splatter the bodies like any good catch

Crouch over the wheel, your face stretched in glee
Knowing their terror will not let them flee
Bird, dog, cat, hedgehog, fox and toad
All can be murdered, right here in the road

No need to tramp across wet hill or dale
No need to chase through woodland or vale
Leave the guns in their cupboard, the dogs in their run
Just take out your car and engage in some fun

It's a sport without class, wealth or society
Guaranteed kills of the widest variety
If you're early enough, you may sight a deer
Your aim will improve with the rate of its fear

Practice makes perfect so steer with a will
With luck you'll surprise something over the hill
Put your foot down, speed as fast as you can
You're certain to kill, before you get banned

On Motorway, lane, or highway, that's best
Take the wife and the kids and rise to the test
Once the target's in sight, its chances are slim
And the thud that is death permits you that grin

When convention becomes to much for you Veggies
Get out in the car and race between hedges
Dawn's the best time for a surplus of sport
And you're gone on your way before you are caught

Road Kill's the best, of that there's no doubt
When else can you murder whenever you're out
There's no need for guilt, false sorrow or care
You can always pretend you were just unaware

Come one and all, take the wheel today
Let's make that kill, then race on our way
If it's caught on the bend, or just over the hill
It deserves to be splattered as Main Road Kill.

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5 Visitor Comments

Nice meter, good subject, clear humor
made me want to read more poetry. Top scribe, need to find more from this author.
your poem is swwweeeeeeeeet. i'm going to offer it to my schools forensic team for one of the prose poeters!
i relly liked your poem. do u have anymore about animals? if u do try to put it on the site
I love this poem. it is not like all the normal ones you read

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