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Poetry About Poetry

Poetry About Poetry

Writers learn very early a simple Truth - we should write about what we know best. For some, that is nature. For others, it might be love or friendship or family. Poets are as diverse as any other human group, and the subjects we cover are equally diverse and wide ranging.

There is, however, one thing all of us have in common - our love of poetry.

Poetry About Poetry (1-10)

  • by Poet deVine
    Where can a poet go to find inspiration? Where can we make a withdrawal?
  • by Prometheus
    Poetry celebrates freedom more loudly than can the most elaborate fireworks display.
  • by Lone Wolf
    This poem is dedicated to Passions and all the wonderful poets here.
  • by Poet deVine
    Poetry is the verse of the spirit, so who better to have the ear of God than a poet?
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    With tongue-in-cheek (I think), a talented poet explains his innermost intentions.
  • by Belisle
    Have you ever really stopped to question why the Poet writes?
  • by Val Galenzoski
    Why does a poet write? That seems on the surface to be a simple question; but is it really so simple?
  • by Steven Solis
    This clever poem is about - this poem?
  • by Michael Anderson
    What would happen if six of history's greatest writers collaborated on a single poem? Only Michael could make it happen…
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    Our visitors are often touched by our poets. But sometimes, our poets are equally touched by a visitor…

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