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When I wrote this poem, I was listening to very old classic music. The music made me feel old and wonder what it would feel like to lead an old life. Now that I think about it, I am not looking forward to it. I chose to write about Mr. Rogers because he is what popped into my head the time I was listening to the music. I just started imagining myself in his shoes. I did not like it. I got to thinking of all the little things that he did on his show like feeding the fish, the mailman, and his train stuff. It got me thinking of me when I was a little kid. I used to watch that show quite a bit.

Mr. Rogers

When I listen to this music,
I see myself
wearing a big, furry, blue sweater
trying to sit there
and teach young kids about life.

I see myself
a lonely old man
with a fish
that is always way too overfed.

My best friend is a mailman
that frequently comes by to visit.
We would talk,
then he would go.

I imagine myself
with a great train collection
that I find myself
playing with all of the time
just to pass the time
of my pathetic and boring life.

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This poem reminded me of how hard it is for younger generations to sometimes relate to older generations, and vice versa. I LOVE MR. ROGERS! Thanks for your point of view.
Well' i think that poem was funny, but, the only reason i found it, was cause i was looking up the guy who scared me, *Mr. Rogers*, when i was a little kid. LOVE YOU MR. Rogers, only thanks to KoRn for making me understand more of how Weird that dude is

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