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This work describes the essence of existence from a non-Judeo Christian point of view. Hints of paganism and various philosophies are included.

I Am

I am the sun and moon.
I am the air and sea.
I am the glory of God,
and the decadence of Satan.
I am the power of the universe,
and the fragility of life.
I am the flesh that gives form,
and the thought that gives substance.
I am the beauty of love eternal,
and the filth of hatred everlasting.
I am the divinity of birth,
and the repugnance of death.
I am the embodiment of pleasure,
and the exquisiteness of pain.
I am all that has been,
and all that will ever be.
I am deity
I am humanity
I am

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15 Visitor Comments

i like the poem becouse it tells how u fell about ur selfv as a person
I just wanna to say this poem is great.
Great poem. It made me feel that we don't have to fit the stereotypes that society has made for teens; don't be too fat, don't be too skinny, don't be shy
this poem touched me because it reminded me of my nan but im glad it put it on my mind because im not very jolly butnow i am thankes to this poem
I loved your poem it was awesome.
I read this poem, I thought it was wonderful, and then I went on to read some others. But this story, that I see as the story of life itself, haunted me and I came back and read it again. And again. I printed it off and held it in my hand. I taped it to my wall. I must have read it a hundred times by now. This poem is unbelievable, how it engulfs everything about life. The contradiction inside your poem is so fitting because life itself is a sheer contradiction. Your talent is unrivaled as far as I'm concerned. I thank you one thousand times over for sharing this.
i just 'discovered' your site and 'accidentally' clicked on this poem, I Am by JP and it just felt so weird. good weird. i actually wanted to write something that feels so similar to this. i am not a writer nor am i expressive so it's always been a struggle to say things that i feel and when i read this one, it just felt like JP put word to what i feel. ever thanks to this person.
I liked the poem. It makes me see confidence that people can have in themselves. It's not as if you are saying that you are the best, but you are being what you are. The part of you that you that was created to contribute to mankind. We all have been given the same gifts and we all are everything to humanity even though we cant always see it. Please continue to write write from the spirit. Everyone will see what touches them about your words no matter the you may have meant the true meaning to be just keep writing and trust that your words touch. Gemini's Soul
That's a really good poem. Its. Deep. And oh so true. But it's. conservative. And powerful. I just really like it. Excellent job.
This poem was very good,unique. i never read a poem like it. it had good use of words, something i could never think of. so i think it was one of the best i have read on this website so far! good job and i hope to hear more from you!
The poem was very deep but the duality still holds it down very good tho i liked it alot = ) ยง
This is a very good poem, it really has insigh and makes me feel more alive
you go boy
I loved this poem and sent it to my daughter because I know she will love it as much as I do. She is a real poetry lover just like her mother.

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