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I've been writing for a few months now, and I had no idea what poetry was all about prior to that. The more I write, the more I learn. It seams that poems make you go deep into your heart, and I love how poetry helps a person discover who they are inside. I tried to convey in this poem, just how powerful these changes have been in my life. I have learned to really appreciate words and concepts, new ideas, new ways of saying things.

Overall, through poetry, I've pretty much learned to appreciate everything about life.

Word Power

"A picture paints a thousand words," or so it's often told
A thousand words are priceless though, for treasures that they hold
An incidental consequence of value added prose
Are exponential visuals, from there the number grows
A thousand words for each picture, a picture for each word
A thousand times a thousand times a picture, once observed
Before the tower of Babel, before the language curse
Before there even was a man, was universal verse
Words spoken made the universe, and all that will occur
In the end we'll all know - in the beginning was The Word
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10 Visitor Comments

wow! i could read this poem over and over again. the best one yet that i've read.
this poem is awesome i want to use it for a wedding thanks Pm
that was a good poem to read i enjoyed it. lj
This poem was amazing! i love the way you painted a picture with words, i love how the words flow together to create a wonderful feeling inside while reading, keep writing you are great!
nice vocabulary & use of rhyme:)
QuYahni Denise
Awesome! Powerful! Eloquent! Inspiring! Truly described the beauty of words without circumlocution or thesaurus-like inflections --- I was so blessed --- thank you!
this poem is really awesome. im writing a poem sort of like this right now. your poem is a wonderful inspiration.
This person really understands the power of The Word. Wonderful poetry.
Wow, for someone who is a novice at poetry you certainly have an incredible talent. Congratulations.
Jester this was a great example of the power of words!

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