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The best poem you ever read just may be your own. My hope is that something you have written has touched you thus so. Reach into your heart and never think you are not a poet just because you believe others to be greater poets.

You are your own and your poetry means the most to you.

The Best Poem You Ever Read

Is not necessarily by Thoreau
Or for that matter Keats or Shelley
Or Edgar Allan Poe
It might not be amongst the
Dusty books there on the shelf
The greatest poem you ever read
May just be written by yourself

Did you ever write a poem?
That just made you softly sigh
Or was there one that emotion
Made you bittersweetly cry
Is there one that was born to you?
That made you wholly believe
Words weren't born long time ago
You yourself can conceive

This poem that I am writing
Is not the best there ever was
But few poems can do for me
What my own poetry does
When you think of Percey Shelly
And when you think of ole John Keats
Remember theirs is their own
Even if
You wish to match their feats

I hope the poetry you respect
From which have made you grown
I hope the greatest poem you ever read
Was one you call your own

The End (sentiment)
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26 Visitor Comments

I think this has a very good point to it! I am truely inspired. I think this poem should be spread and maybe even taut in schools?!
this was very good original and i liked it it didnt have any special feeling and didnt care if u liked it it had a very good attitude and just was liek what ever and had a certain feeling to it it was awsome!two thumbs up no 4
Very Very Good I Really Liked It.
i really enjoyed this poem it is not only about relating to other poetry but writing down your on feelings in the way you can only express. i enjoyed this poem very much. lj
i think that this poem is really good keep up the good work
Me love poem. Poem Good. Me Touched
hii i just love it because its real and it means alot. keep it up love uuuu
Bravo! Bravo! I like it. Keep on doing what your doing to make your poems so beautiful.
i would like to thank you for this poem, it has made me truly believe that some of the best poetry is the poetry by me.
This poem was kinda neat. It certainly was different, and i liked it for the same reason others did probably, telling anyone else that they can writetheir own poem, and it will be their favorite! Thanx 4 inspiring kids like us to do their own thing! 10 being the best 1 the worst, i rate this poem a 9. Thanx again ~Jamie~
that poem was awesome and good that person will be famous
this poem is very beutiful like all the other poems in this page im so happy this page exist and i want you guys to really send me comments back to my e mail adrees so you can tell me how canb i put one of my poems in this page or what can i do thank you sincerely you best admirrer stephany jeffry l. o. l.
I think this poem is very nice because it inspiors kids to belive in ther selves im 13 and i write beutiful poems to i wish somebody read them they will like them i want to leorn how to write them better like the poems you guys and girs show on this page they are very beutiful
this is the cutest poem and the message is so true and i didn't think mine were all that untill they made someone cry now i truely believe that my poetry is the best there ever was. thank you
wow, you're a poet, and I didn't evn know it (hehehehe)
Wow. I found this to be so extremely creative but so real and true to life.
true and encouraging. very nice, i like it. =)
WOWalt I think your poem is the epitome of poems. My feelings are the same. Although, I don't feel any of my poems are the greatest I have ever read, I do think they are good and that is really what counts. If you put down your heart with words and have conveyed a message to someone, it does not matter about spelling, grammar,or even rhyme scheme. I particularly like the poems of the late Tupac Shakur. Definately does not fit the "mold" of a good poem, but they are very moving and you learn to know the man, even though he is not among us now. He left his heart behind. The best poem I have ever read will be the same answer every time, the last one I read that moved me or told me something about the artist. You conveyed your message well, so at this moment THIS poem is the best I have read.
I Enjoy the wonderful poems u wrote
i just started writting poems and your poem just touched my heart. i liked it very much.
the best ever read
I Love Poetry, but I love my own Poems better than Any other, Well Some of mine... I know exactly What you are talking about. Deep Poems are good, But Shallow Poems.. Like This Also are Great. You can get what you don't get from Deep Poetry from The Shallow ones...
it's good and also very true
This is an awesome poem. The idea presented in the poem is something I have thought about. It is very creatively expressed. Well done!
Lovely.. how right you are, and how beautiful you tell us

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