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When I visited Canada for the fist time it was "love at fist sight." Every time I returned, it felt like a homecoming. A part of me is always there and I'm in a constant state of being torn between two lovers. Ah, sweet memories of days gone by and dreams of days yet to come.


Canada, oh Canada
what hast thou done with me
whenever I do close my eyes
my heart is there with thee

Your mountains and great forests
of an infinity
Sequoias stand majestically
ancient serenity

What everlasting pleasure
lies in your scenery
the crumbling walls of what once was
beneath a Maple tree

Golden fields of waving grain
whisper a lullaby
the sunset slowly fades away
beyond your endless sky

Canada, oh Canada
what hast thou done with me
I feel thou whispers in my soul
I wish to be with thee

I spot a single red deer
scent danger in the breeze
the slightest noise will make her flee
among your mighty trees

I see your children playing
out on a frozen pond
at snowball fights and slapping pucks
a magic way beyond

Mem'ries of the days gone by
engraved into my soul
return to you I will some day
it's always been my goal

Canada, oh Canada
what hast thou done with me
thou temptress of my craving heart
I long to be with thee
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16 Visitor Comments

Munda,reading it made me feel like I was actually there,in Uganda,there is no snow. and so many people take the mountains they see every other day for granted. nice poem.
Hi . I have travelled and lived in four countries. Canada is now my home and has been for many years. Your poem captures its beauty and greatness. Canada is a great country, filled with gentle people, once visited, never forgotten.
I really liked your poem. you have a great sence of rhymying
Munda, living in Canada I often forget how beautiful it really is, so a thank you from this Canadian for your accute sensitivity in noticing her, and flaunting her beauty so beautifully.
Dr Phil
I reely reely enjoyed ur poem. I can tell this was a changing day in ur life!keep goin munda!
i loved your poem. i live in Canada myself and this is exactly how i feel about my home.
Today being Canada Day this truly touched my heart Munda, and considering English is your second language I thank you for the effort of recognizing my country with love in such perfect words.
poem has so much meaning in it that you dont have to even have to live in canada to know the poem is true. by the way the poem is true canada is a wonderful place to live and to visit
I loved it. I live in Canada myself and your poem expresses how i feel about Canada in every way possible. I loved the poem. Good work and i can't wait to read it again.
Your poem was beautiful. I was born and raised in Canada, and am proud to be Canadian. When I walk in my neighbourhood, I am reminded of the simplistic beauty that is my country. Your poem enhanced Canada's natural beauty even further. Thank you for honouring my country.
wow my favorite country!
In my heart there is a dream...that dream is alive and waiting to be lived... it is to visit this most beautiful of countries. My heart is already there.. and one day I will go and join it. Your poem expressed it so well. Thankyou.
its a good peom and i kinda see were you are coming from. i went on holiday to australia and i FELL IN LOVE with the place, the pure feeling of being there was indescribable.then we moved here. its ot like a holiday anymore.its compleatly different. i hardly have good friends, we dont do all the fun holiday stuff no more coz its too expensive and theres the school aswell.all i am saying is that keep ging but for a holiday, trust me the magic home feeling will never die.
I love your poem I have been to Canada 3 times and have been dreaming of returning for the longest time . I hope to go soon with my 2 young sons. Your poem says everything I feel in my heart about Canada.
An absolutely beautiful tribute to my country!
Great poem. I am from B.C. and appreciate and identify with your thoughts..takes me back home. in mind and spirit.

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