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My newest addition to my short, but growing, library of poems. The literal meaning is obvious: a statue of a man sits somewhere in a park, passed everyday by many people, but generally missed. It's handsome and well crafted, but the true meaning of it seems to be lost. The actual connection here is that the statue is a soul; not any particular soul, just the human soul. It explains a little bit about memories, life, death and true heroes within the human condition.

Silence Of Immortality

Marking a polished stone lay a powerful statue,
Made of the finest metal and covered with gold,
Wrapped in utter warmth when the skies are blue,
A beacon of nature and man when it is cold.

A casual brush of fingertips will reveal the name,
One forgotten in time and glory since conquered,
An arrogant, bold figure of history all the same,
A voiced cry, reaching the soul without a word.

The dark hair is remember'd no more here,
Acts of honor and virtue long gone to the grave,
Only fresh grass and pavement lie near,
A faint reminder of the free and the brave.

Etched lines of sorrow and thought line the face,
A sword lies tucked beneath a muscled hand,
As if ready to reach out and conquest the place,
With destiny left to dissolve into fine sand.

Plenty of people by this way in the afternoon,
They admire the love and knowledge of the evening,
Weep and shout with grief to the rising moon,
But in the shadows following they have nothing to bring.

A young woman of no special means comes forward,
Eyes widening at the majestic image of a warrior a while,
She leaves a kiss and a rose and departs with no word,
Just before the statue's solemn grin comes to a smile.
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I really loved this poem and look forward to reading other poems on this site.

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