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I wrote this poem for a class assignment, where we had to write a soliloquy for Macbeth. At this point, Macbeth wonders about the future of Scotland. He questions himself what he must do to become king. If you are familiar with this play, the poem will make much more sense.


A heart will always see the crime
Which is transparent to the eye;
For hearts do know, truth lies in time.
And time will prove that truth does lie,
And words to bind us to our dreams,
Which then, compose the fated plot.
And nothing's ever what it seems,
And nothing is but what is not.
Disgrace does wear a pretty face,
Which I do hate with all my love.
And blood does have that wicked taste
Of which one sip won't be enough.
All sense is lost in mind's battle
In which, uncertainty has won.
All of the glory's overshadowed
By darkened fate of Scotland's throne.
While minutes weave a solid web
To catch the dreamers in their flight,
God, give me room to take a step
To walk away and look aside!

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6 Visitor Comments

I've read Macbeth, and you have captured the style and feeling of the work wonderfully!
it was a really good soliloqy
I love this poem. I read the play of Macbeth and I loved it. This poem touches me alot. Thank you for letting me read it.
great put,good writing and a wonderfull poem. I read a lot and that is a good one.
I love the original works of the man, and this piece is a true honor to those works. Great Job!
This is REALLY great! Not many people can write good shakespearian poems! Keep at it, you are a rare breed!

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