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Nurses have a heart of gold . . . They are in a thankless profession and deserve a note of encouragement I know - I am a nurse.

Dedicated to all nurses everywhere, but especially those on Seton one at
Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

The Heart Of A Nurse

Nurses are compassionate and caring,
With love in their hearts for all.
Forever extending a heart of mercy,
Always there when there is call.
Endless hours they stand on their feet,
Wondering did I do my best
To help this patient get through this illness,
Ease their pain so they can rest.
In their hearts you hear God's whisper
Through a nurse he sends his love.
Ever sensitive, kind and caring,
Souls as pure as a snow white dove.
Angel yes, she tends to be,
For her presence comforts me.
Concern for the sick shows on her face,
Her gentle touch, my fears erase.
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I have been searching for just the 'right' poem to put with the Nurse Angel brooches that I make. I make them for a retired Nurse that takes them to gatherings of other retired Nurses and gives them away to them. I love to make them feel Special because they are Special. I also make my Angels and donate them to a Hospital in Vancouver B. C. They have a open table of saleable items and people can donate what they want for them. The proceeds go to support the patients and their families from out of town that can't afford to stay there. Your poem covers what I want to say about. The dedication of the Nurses and also the Angel referance. I'll be watching for more of your poems! xxooGay.
Carole M
It is a very touching poem. Nurses tend to be portrayed as angel; I disagree with this because we are very human aand experiences a myriad of feeling thorughout our tour of duty/ Sometimes we cannot cope and that is not angelic at all!
Because my husband was is hospitalized in micu due lung cancer amongst other complcations the nurses that he has are just wonderful and I think that many times they are unappreciated because this is their job but people dont realixze what it takes to be a nurse ans I thank them , and they have my many blessing going out to them
Thank you for the lovely poem and for being a nurse. Also, thanks to all the other "pure souls" out there in the world who have put others above themselves and chose nursing as their profession. truly, it is a callling above all others!
nurses need more thanks like this

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