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Sad Love Poems (201-250)

  • by Brandi Schneider
    Expectations can sometimes work out quite differently from what we wished, and foretelling the future of Love is impossible.
  • by Meghan Flood
    When a love is abruptly torn from our lives, everything we see and feel is skewed by our loss.
  • by Brandi Schneider
    Love gone bad can pull us in directions we never wished to go. And escape isn't always easy…
  • by Julie Scricco
    This heart-felt poem explores the feelings we must pass through when love has left our life.
  • by Megan Everhart
    Feelings of betrayal aren't limited by age or experience.
  • by Diane Blue
    Few things are sadder - or more frustrating - than an on-again off-again relationship.
  • by DeeplyHurtbutCured
    When a family falls apart, there are many mixed feelings, many memories and fears, and often far too many regrets. But there is also, in the end, hope…
  • by Craig Kendall
    This poignant poem explores a well-known Truth, using an uncommon metaphor - the higher we fly, the farther we have to fall.
  • by Ruqaiya Curmally
    Losing a love that has grown through the course of a lifetime can be devastating.
  • by Leslie Barbadillo
    Finding someone special, who opens your heart to love, can seem like a fantasy. So, too, can losing them.
  • by Carroll Kelllie
    If Love is a dream come true, does that make hopeless love a nightmare?
  • by Katie Crawford
    No matter how hard we fight it, there's one inescapable law of the Universe. Things change. Even love.

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  • by Phoebe Moon
    This poem is an intricate weave of friendship, love, and disillusionment. And, too, of pain…
  • by Raine Morrison
    This poem is about being alone, feeling betrayed -- and self-discovery.
  • by Lone Wolf
    Does anyone ever forget their first love? Does any loss ever feel as great?
  • by Maria Byrne
    For some, both Love and sunshine bring the same euphoria. Unfortunately, for some, that isn't their only similarity.
  • by Jenni
    Sometimes, we don't recognize what we have until we've lost it. And, then, we have to wonder if it's too late…
  • by Boop
    If there is one thing that can be said about love triangles it is this - someone is eventually going to have make a choice.
  • by Alyce S'mone
    This short poem is about the pain and heartbreak of love lost.
  • by Stephanie Gresham
    When Love goes away, well, it doesn't always go away…
  • by Jessica Stamps
    This poem explores the many emotions - often conflicting ones - that tear apart our hearts when Love seems lost to us.
  • by Korn83
    What do you remember about your first love? The joy? The naivete? Or the ultimate pain?
  • by White Rose
    When a near-perfect love fades and dies, the memories can both console us - and haunt us.
  • by Tara Simms
    Memories and reality don't always coincide.
  • by Angela K. Dyson
    This lovely poem proves two things: That a well-crafted poem is a delight and turn-about is fair play.
  • by T.J.H.
    Promises aren't always kept, nor do wishes always come true.
  • by T.J.H.
    Confusion is often at the heart of many separations, but there is always the hope that confusion can be overcome…
  • by Wendy LaTulippe
    Love, unfortunately, doesn't always conquer all.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    This delightfully original poem takes a look at a not altogether uncommon love story.
  • by Kristin Evans
    Falling in love can be painful when the love is not returned. Especially if you see that person every day.
  • by Kristin Evans
    Saying goodbye to love brings pain, recriminations - and perhaps a small morsel of hope.
  • by Edward Racey
    The Rose as a metaphor for Love is almost a cliché. But this poem has an original twist, as it reminds us that roses don't last forever…
  • by Chris
    Our lives are decided by the decisions we make and, at times, by the decisions we refuse to make. But after we've made ours, we also have to live with the decisions of others…
  • by Matt Parvin
    The memories of pain can soften with time, and the visions of a Lost Love become sweet again.
  • by Lance Hodges
    When someone steals your heart, does that make them a thief? Ah, but thieves don't often linger…
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    When we hurt, we cry. Such is human nature. But only a gifted poet could bring that pain to life with such haunting, beautiful imagery.
  • by Free Once More
    When the human heart is attacked by pain, it can often lash out…
  • by Christine McClimans
    Losing the one you love brings a pain that seems to know no boundaries, abide by no rules, and leave nothing for which to hope.
  • by Christine McClimans
    Phases like "eternal triangle" and "the other woman" have become cliches, but the feelings explored in this poem are very, very real.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Pain can often come from something as simple - or complex - as a strong need to be reassured.
  • by Angell
    People make mistakes, and maybe the worse one we make is not saying I love you while we're still able…
  • by Jamie Vickers
    Survival and Love have at least one thing in common; both are best accomplished one day at a time.
  • by Fox
    There is much sadness in this thing we call life. But perhaps nothing more so than a final, last goodbye…
  • by Chantale
    The pain of separation, and the memories left behind, are not limited to race, creed, color -- or even age.
  • by Michael Anderson
    Friendship isn't always easy.
  • by Phoebe Moon
    There are many names for rejection. But, perhaps, only one response…
  • by Katey Shines
    Dreams don't always come true.
  • by Michael Anderson
    Can a man literally drown within the depths of his own sad memories?
  • by The Unknown Poet
    Memories are a part of life. And, too, a part of love.
  • by Tsukino Usagi
    The mythical Eternal Triangle isn't at all mythical. And its corners are very, very sharp.
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