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During a love triangle, my boyfriend would switch back and forth between me and this one other girl. Well I finally got fed up with it, and this is how it ended. I wrote this poem a while ago, and since then we have become friends.


You made your choice-
You choose her.
Its nothing new-
and it doesn't hurt!

For your choice-
I pray that you are true,
You never lie, and
You never cheat!

For me- you were never there.
For her- you always were.
Never in my time of despair.
I excepted it then,
Not Now-
Not ever again!

One day you will find,
Love is not a game.
I hope its not to late
Your LOVE hasn't gone and
left you behind.

You are her "Perfect Man",
Like you once were mine.
Ya'll bring each other happiness,
Like we did- once upon a time!

Some time ago-
I told you how it would end,
She won't go through
what I let fly-
Into the wind.
My heart and soul to kind
to put ANYONE-
In that kind of a bind.

I said-
"I couldn't be a part of you"
because if you screw this up,
In my heart, "I didn't help"
and that I knew.

In the choice that you made,
In her heart that you mend,
You lost the greatest of friends!
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one of them best poems that iv'e ever read. easy to understand but it really touches you deep within.

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