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I wrote this about a boyfriend that I experienced a lot with. It's about a 15 year old girl getting her heart broken. People say I don't know what love is but this relationship proved that I do.

I had never written any kind of poetry before unless it was assigned but when I wanted to share how I felt I didn't know how and this just appeared in my mind.

You and Me & Me and You

At first I thought "you and me" were always too good to be true
But I never loved anyone, like I ever loved you.
From the first time you and I talked
I knew eventually our lips would be locked.
We shared things together we had never shared before
Now I'd do anything to get that feeling once more.

I don't expect to see us down the isle
But butterflies entered my stomach every time you said
"I Love You" and flashed that smile.
I never gave you a very fair chance.
That was the reason, I watched from a glance.
I now admit I always thought there was another girl
But now I know I wasn't being too bural.
I now realize I can give you my full trust
If we ever decide to continue our lust.

If you give me another chance, I'll learn to respect your thoughts
Because I know that was why we always fought.
I understand there'll be times you go your way and I'll go mine
Because I now know we'd soon make it up and that would be fine.
I don't want you to feel too rushed
But I don't want "me and you" to be completely flushed.

No matter what I do or where I go, I always end up in a bind
The reason for that, your always on my mind.
I want you to know there is no need to fret
Because everything we did, I don't regret.
People always say "you remember your first and not the others"
but I promise you
I'll never forget number two.
I love you way too much to just let you go
Even though some things I say can be really low.

I always loved your soft gentle touch
Even though I didn't show it much.
I now regret never telling you how I felt
If I did, maybe we could have dealt.
From the beginning I always knew my heart would be broken
But I didn't expect those words to be spoken.
Everything would be perfect if I had you back in my life
I promise if you were, you'd never want to stab me with a knife.

I guess I just hope a part of you still loves me
And for it soon to be "Me and You & You and Me".
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5 Visitor Comments

so many words so much truth.
This poem is very special and it brings me a very special sort of joy.
LoVe it
Its really amazing how someone you dont know can say exactly how you feel. Great poem! I can relate and understand every single word of it. Keep writing, you're talented.
I think this poem is something that alot of people could relate to. it hits "home" very tough for me because that is how i feel. People think just because u are young u cant feel pain and heart-aches.

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