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I really loved some one. We grew up together, as classmates and graduated from business school together. We fell in love on Valentine's day 4 years ago. He was the only love I have experienced and we broke up recently. I wrote this as an expression of my feelings when he walked out , leaving me for someone else.

I Was A Fool For You.

I don't know when my laughter turned to tears,
When my joys became my fears,
when one touch and you'd be gone,
and I'd be standing all alone.
I laughed till I cried,
I knew, but still I tried,
To make a place in your life.

You walked away without a word,
you neither saw nor heard
The love I tried to prove
The way my life, around you moved.
I don't know how long I cried
and wished that I had died.

And how my body ached for you,
And how you ignored my love so true.
So, I'm standing all alone again,
Wiping the tears that always begin,
Every day and every night
and every silent moment of my life ,
Whenever I think of the many ways
I was a fool for you.
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7 Visitor Comments

i use to know a love like this and i thank you for making me realize how foolish i was for staying. great poem
this is a really good poem for people who like someone for a long time and still haven't told them or missed their chance.
great poem.
That was one of the best poems ive read i realy like your words keep it up dont ever stop even if someone hurts you obviosly they cant see the good in you.
I am crying. This poem truly touched me. I know exactly how you feel. keep up the great work!
i loved your poem. i think it's great!
Hey, I know exactly what you mean!

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