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I wrote this poem out of anger and frustration. There were other feelings, such as hurt and disappointment lingering there as well. Just a mess of emotion all at once. The plan in the poem was a good one, but I have yet to really attained that goal fully. But in time, I will *S*.

The good wishes sent to the intended person still stand though. But of course he will never know that. But I do.

Sorry, I'm Closed

We were friends, we were lovers, we were friends
You're hot, you're cold, you're warm
You come, you go, you linger about
I'm showered with affection
Then ignored without intention
You pull me close, you push me away
You want me, you don't, but you won't say good-bye
On bright days, you don't need me
But when the dark lonely ones come around
You reach into the shadows
Where you keep me hanging
And feed from my soul

No More

I'm cutting the chains with which you have bound me
I am setting myself free
I can no longer be your crutch
There is nothing there for me

My best wishes go with you
For your peace
Some love and some happiness
As I must now move along
To find some of my own.
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12 Visitor Comments

I can definitely relate to this poem, as I'm trying to let go of my own relationship with a man who acts the same way. Thank you.
it was a very good pome i had my axe gf read it becasue it said everything she did to me and she started to cry think you very much it was an asswome pome thank you
This is a Great Poem, very real. Brought tears to my eyes.
Those are the words I should have given to my ex-wife! All she wanted from me was a car, cell phone, and Credit Card. She spent my pay check before I even got it!
DaMn i rEaLlY lIke tHiS PoEm. GREAT!
I could have written this one!
I drifted over to this site by accident. And it also happens that my heart has recently been irreversibly broken by a man i was devoted to for 4 years. I had decided not to post a comment, until I read this poem before I was going to leave the site. The precision with which you depicted my situation was exact enough for me not to have a choice but to leave this note. I'm in a place where I have no words regarding the love lost. just silence.
wow this really describes how i feel between some of my friends right now cause sometimes they are my friends sometimes they are not. awsome keep up the great work.
excellent poem, it really tugs at your heart. I love it, and I sent it to a friend and it said just what I wanted to say
I can really relate to this one!
I thought that this poem was superb! I am in a relationship like in the poem and i have decided to break the chains. It describes exactly how I am feeling! Thank you!!
I just love this poem. This sounds so much like the relationship that I am in right now, and now I can't take it no more and I'm going to end it. I'm closed!

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