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What does the body and soul go through after a breakup with a loved one....distress and sadness.


Here lays my heart
All broken and torn
There are no feelings left in it
For me to mourn

Here lays my mind
Which has repressed
All the memories we have shared
That have left me a mess

Here lays my soul
Which you took away
Along with my faith and trust in you
That you broke in a day

Here lays my body
All mangled and left to die
I hope that I can get through this
And find another guy
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13 Visitor Comments

That poem is exactly how i felt when my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl, and then lied about it. We are back together and it has been 10 months now. but it still hurt!
that poem is tight i gave it to my boy and now he is much more around. but i have to give u ur props that was a straight poem
I love your poem. Me and my boyfriend of two years just split and your poem describes what i've been going through.
thats exactly how i feel right now. i love this poem.
i really liked your poem. breaking up with my ex was painful. But, eventually you will get over it. It just takes some time.
i know how it feels to be left hanging and having your feelings throwed around. i finally got on my feet and in thedating game. i'm not saying it's easy, but you'll get through it. trust me.
I really liked your poem.
I really liked your poem it made me realize that love comes and go.
im trying to do what you said at the end of the peom!
Your poem made me realize that I can get over my crush!!!
I like ur poem alot
I loved every heartfelt detailed poured out until you hoped to find another guy

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