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Poems about Death page 3

Poems about Death (101-116)

  • by Heather Gustafson
    No parent should ever have to survive the loss of their child. But it happens…
  • by Bunnykisses
    Death brings with it many difficult emotions, none easily understood. Maybe the worst of them, though, is regret…
  • by Stef Knudsen
    This poignant poem is about death, and dealing with the loss it brings.
  • by Lexis
    This poem is about death and love, two companions more linked than you might realize.
  • by Amanda Kruse
    When swift violence descends, it leaves only grief in its wake. And lingering questions for those who survive.
  • by Cerissa Hultgren
    When someone close to you dies, you always ask yourself why. And the answers you find within yourself aren't always the ones you sought.
  • by Tami Blackwell
    We all lose people we love, irreplaceable parts of our life. This poem speaks of one such loss, and admonishes us to make the best of what time we have.
  • by Laura Mason
    Grief is an emotion all must face in their lives. There is little that can ease it, and nothing that can erase it, but these soothingly beautiful words can at least offer their comfort.
  • by Tad Scheeler
    When the harshness of life rips from us our happiness, it's easy to cling to a time past. This insightful, moving poem is a look into one such case, yet it also offers us a glimmer of hope.
  • by Christine McClimans
    One poet remembers. Beautifully.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Life can be cruel, and death comes too swiftly, and it is only in the sharing of our burdens where we can find strength.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    Some promises are never realized, and some memories will never fade.

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  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    This was written in memory of my little lost daughter.
  • by Katey Shines
    There are no drugs to take, no accupunture to try, no miracle cures available. Yet, pains of the heart are always the most hurtful of all.
  • by Bryan
    Love holds sweet memories, that even death cannot blur.
  • by Cerissa Hultgren
    This poem was created after a dream I had when my mother died.
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