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This is a poem to make you appreciate your daddy.

I was very close to my father and I miss him very much. I wrote this on fathers day in 1993, the year after he died.

In Loving Memory Of My Daddy
William Randall Sartor

Happy Father's Day

Give 'em a hug, a great big kiss.
Because one day, he will be greatly missed.

My daddy has gone far away from this land,
I miss the precious touch of his loving hands.

I never knew last year was the last day,
I could look at my daddy, hug him, and say:
"I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!"

Don't let one day go by without telling him
how dear he is!
Remember you may not have another year to tell him this!

All I have now is great memories, a heart
full of love and eyes full of tears, and
to remember his love throughout the years.

Now I will have to look up at the stars and
say, "I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!"

Please remember when you pray, to thank your
heavenly father up above.
For your father he gave you with so much love.

"He lived, for Jesus died;
He died, for Jesus Lives."
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66 Visitor Comments

verry touching i agree
Thank you for shareing this peoms. Last year I had my dad with me on Father's day, and a month later he was gone. Now I don't have him this year, and I miss him so much. You never know the miss of someone you love until they are gone. Life is short, and we never know when our time is up to close our eyes in death, the main thing is be ready to go, Don't be caught dead without Jesus in your life. My dad was a great man of God, and I know Dad is rejoicing in heaven, and Someday we will be together again. Our family circle might be broken here on earth, but oneday we will have a family union in heaven.
I really liked this poem. I lost my Father,Dad seven years ago on May 15,1999. It still feels like yesterday. People would tell me it will get easier through time I don't believe it gets any easier you just learn to live with the emptiest you have. My dad and I were very close,He was my HERO. Yes,I liked this poem so much I actually read it several times. Keep up the work.
I really liked this peom My son lost his father 2 months and 1 day before he was born. due to driving drunk sad to say I feel bad because my son (who is 3 1/2 months old now)will never have that chance to tell his father anything so this really touched me and and made me cry
liam and beth
this is a beautyiful poem our daddy died on the 6th of march and we are going to read this poem at his funerial thank you from liam and beth x
i lost my dad sat to lung cancer. it now tue im lookin for help with a peom to read out on thursday and yours was lovely
This poem really touched my heart. My father pastaway this past May. I never got to tell my father "Happy Father's Day. " There was no goodbye's. I hurt everyday because I never got to tell him how much I love him.
thank you for writing this poem. my parents got a divorce 5 years ago and i live with my mom but my dad was my best friend and i always look forward to the summer and christmas and spring break that i got to see him but for a daddys girl i really missed him even when i was going to see him in 2 months or something but my dad died on may 24 2006 and when i got home from the last day of school i was going upstair to pack my bags because i was going to see my dad the next day and my mom stop me up the stair and told me that he died of a massive heart attack that morning and i cried for days and it has been over two months since he has pasted and i still cry everyday. but you poem really help me even tho i cried when i was reading it. thank you so much. ox katie
I think that this poem says alot, I also lost my dad it will be 5 years in August and still to this day it is very hard to handle. For some reason this year it is hitting me pretty hard. I tell me husband all the time especially on Father's Day that he really needs to let is father know just how much he means to him. That not only goes for my husband, everybody needs to let their father know just how much they mean, and enjoy them while you have them because you never know just how much longer they will be around.
This poem reminded me so much of my father and the love that I still have for him 25 years after his death. Thank you so much!
i luv this poem so much it made me cry it reminds my off all the people that dont have a father and lets me appritiate mine.
this poem touches me because i lost my father last year and i was very depressed and i still am. i love him very much and miss him. reading ur poem helped me think of the good times we shared together. thank u
I loved this poem I lost my dad will be a year in june i never got to say bye I grew up in scotland and moved to the states so i didnt really get to see him that much but we talked on the phone almost every day I miss him so much thanks for sharing this poem
the poem was great
I strongly feel that this poem is the one Father's Day poem which would cause many who still have their fathers alive and well to be grateful that they are still around. In spite of the stubborn stereotypes surrounding fatherhood (and fathers, in general), I believe that this poem speaks the truth about the importance of the father in the family. Such an acknowledgment of fathers is terribly long-overdue!
Thank you so much for the poem. it really touched me i lost my father 6 months ago very unexpected. my son was due three weeks later, his first grandchild. we was so excited. i miss him so much.
i lost ma dad wen i wis a litto gurl n i reeli miss um n i eva new tht wis goin 2 b his last day i reeli miss him!n i hink this poem was reeli good and troo
this is a good poem i lost my dad in 2003 and i never got to say goodbye to him . do you got a book of poems .
this poem was very sad .
That was the sadest poem I have ever heard and like I said for another poem you took the words right out of my mouth. Ya see I just lost my dad five months ago. Actually today my class made faters day cards and its really hard to not be able to perticipate. Thank u for letting me read your poem.
i know how you feel i lost my daddy when i was 10. He was murder by 3 guyz over drugs. i miss my father very much and when i read your poem it made me think of my father and how he use to touch me and tell me everything was gonna be okay but to this day all i do have is tears i never had memories my dad was never home but i loved so dearly and its been 5 years but im still surviven so heres my advice to you keep your head up he dont wanna see your cry you wants you to proceed your dreams.
My son lost his father almost a year ago. The last time my son and I saw his father was Father's Day. He died less than a month after that. This poem fits everything so well. My son misses his dad so much. I do too! We loved him very much and its sad to say but he never knew how much. He too thought no one loved him or believed in him. On 07/16/2004 - he suffered a seisure and died. Unexpectedly. Leaving us and the rest of the people who loved him. Thank you for this poem - it is excellent because it needs to let people know that we never know when our last time to speak, hug, talk or listen is. You never know when its too late.
I thank you for writing a poem in this form because I lost my son's father and I wanted to find a poem to help us live in memories of him. So thanks again
Your poem touched me for I just lost my father last week.
i like it that i cryed when i read it
I lost my dad when i was 12, 12 days after my birthday. Well my parents were split up since i was like 6 or 7 so i never really got to see him but on weekends, but those weekends ment so much to me. anyways i never got the chance for him to hear me say goodbye and i love him because he was going brain dead at the hospital. This is why i love this poem
HeY!. I found this poem very touching because not long ago my father died in a tragic mine accident. It feels good to know im not alone!
Thanks for writing this poem. I lost my dad to cancer at the age of 13. I miss him soo much. When I read this poem I had tears rolling down my cheeks because it touched me that much. This poem describes what I feel in words so perfectly. Thanks so much again!
My father passed away on 11/11/04. My heart is broken but he suffered so, it was easier to let him go than to watch him suffer. He was a World War II Veteran and died on Veteran's Day. I miss him so much. I always kissed him on the forehead over each eye and would love to be able to kiss him and hold his frail weak hand. I will have to deal with this loss but am not sure if my heart will ever heal.
This poem has got to be the best i have ever read. I lost my dad in August 2003, and i miss him so much. The poem almost made me cry, i loved it so much.
this poem was a good poem u need to write more
We would do good to remember our dads all year- and not be too busy to take the time for that call or visit. Your poem was sweet and touched my heart- my Daddy has been gone only nine days. I'm 53 and still not ready to say goodbye
Hey u did a great job on this poem i really love it an its true if i knew last year was the last year ii could tell ym daddy happy fathers day i would have said it more than once my dad passed away march 25 2003 @ 9:20pm i was holding him hand when he took his last breath this poem really touched me i cryed my eyes out when i read it thanx for writing it u did a great job. Thanx David 17 y/o from williamson wv
I'm 15 and my dad died this past august. this poem really touched me and whoever wrote it i feel your pain. its everything i needed 2 tell people on fathers day just already written for me. thank you!
This is a very touching poem. I also lost my father in 1996 :( He died of cancer, and he was my best friend. I miss him dearly. Keep up the good writing!
This poem really touched me . I lost my dad,Nov. 1, 1993. But I still miss him more than words can say. I know he is with our Heavenly Father and I will see him again one day. Thank You for the beautiful poem.
i loved it
I understand this poem b/c my dad past away 6 years ago and the hurt i felt then is still the same now and words cant describe how much i miss him.
I wanted to let you know that this poem touched my heart because my dad is in a coma and he isn't going to be here for father's day. I love this poem and I feel your pain. I know it's hard but I'm glad you got through it. Well, I gotta go. Bye!
This poem is special because i lost my dad last year. You should never go a single day without saying how much you love your family. You never know when God will take you.
This peom really touched my heart I really enjoy this poem
I love you!
i just have to say ur poem really touched me because i too lost my father last year but probably not from the same reason my father killed himself thinking nobody loved him if i had just one wish it be to tell him he was the best father anyone could ever have i took atvantige of what i had and now its gone.
This poem really hit home. I lost my daddy Jan. 6, 1992 when I was only 13. I still weep for him daily.
This poem was so good. My dad died a year and a half ago when I was 18. He died instanly in a car wreck two days before Father's Day. On Father's day we had to plan his funeral. This year, the 2nd anniversery of his death (June 15) falls on Father's day. It was very nice to read this poem.
I only see my dad every other week b/c my parents are divorced. This poem made me realize no matter how many fights you have with them you could never hate them. Also that life is very pecious have fun and never regret anything you do. I love this poem
I lost my father when I was 7yrs. old. I thought he had died of cancer but when I was 13 I found out that he died of AIDS. And also that my mother has it (Thank God she is still w/me but she very ill. ) I love my daddy and miss him alot! so I know how u feel.
this poem is so sad. I lost my dad five years ago when I was only nine. I, too miss him dearly.
This hits home oh so well for it has been three years to date that my father went in Ohio State University Hospital for a Heart Transplant. I had a wonderful childhood and alot of memories but they never replace the face and the hug that I got everyday. He was a very specail father, grandfather and friend. I miss him dearly.
Hey, I really loved reading your poem, it meant alot to me, I lost my father in 98 and it still hurts to think about it because he died on fathers day. I loved your poem it was great!
I really enjoyed reading your poem. I lost my father February, Friday the 13th of 1998. It was the hardest thing to let go of. I now write poems of all sorts. But mainly of my fathers death.
This poem is a great one! It really touched me because I lost my dad last September, and you never know when something bad is going to happen, and they will not be there with you anymore, so cherish the moments you have with your loved ones because you never know when you won't see them again.
this was a sweet and sad poem. i recently (2wks ago)lost my dad! he meant so much to me but i didnt get to tell him although i know he knows.i miss him and being only 14 its hard!
I was really touched by this poem, my dad died june 28 2000 a day before my 16 birthday but we lost alot of precious time because o fstupid fights. if you still have your Dad just tell him you love him.
I really enjoyed this poem.My father is not dead, but I dont have alot of contact with parents are divorced and when he remarried.he just picked up his new life and left his past in the past..I still love him very much..I am always telling children to be happy when their father hug them ..I would give a million dollars if my dad was in my life..
I really liked this poem. It's deep and brings reality to life. It speaks the truth about death, which so many people hate to grasp.
I really love your poem. I write poems myself,I believe this is a God given talent. I hope you will have the very best of Luck with all the poems you write. God Bless Mary
This is wonderful and says it all!
Thank you for writing such a moving poem about a father that has gone home. On July 28, my father went home, I am the only child, it's very hard to put words on how you feel about someone you love so much. But, I thank God that he good you this gift. Thank you for your words.
I really ejoyed this poem. And I hope other people will enjoy it too
This was a very touching poem. My father died last year and i am only 15 and was 14 at the time. This poem really hit home with me and touched my heart, actually makeing me shed a tear. Its true...always tell ur father you love him! Thankyou!
I loved the poem written about my mothers father!
This poem really touched me, I also just lost my Father in October of 98. Take the words to heart and tell you Dad how you feel, while you still can! I only wish I still had the chance.
I guess I am partial to this poem, because it was written by my creative sister, and about our loving daddy, whom we miss very much.

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