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Dealing with death is a hard thing, and only you know what you're going through.


I quiver. I shiver.
They tell me the news.
I wonder why He chose you.
I walk the streets remembering you
No matter what they say,
it’s still the same.
Only you could fill the empty void
I know you’re okay and feel no pain,
But with each passing day
I say a prayer asking God to take care of you.
We miss you and love you.
In our hearts is where you’ll stay,
Until we meet again in Heaven someday.
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13 Visitor Comments

this poem is great i lost a friend named ryan in a car crash and this poem reminded me of him
I was browsing through poems and this one caught my eye, "Ryan". I lost my son to Cancer on May 8, 2004. His name was Ryan and he was 17 years old. I ask myself "WHY as well. And you are right, only God knows. Thank you for sharing, Trudy
Hey im only 13 n i lost My bestfriend n mah boyfriend just died 2 nights ago. he got ran over by a semi and. this poem really touched my heart. n the funeral is on xmas n i the last thing he said was he'd never leave me
My grandfather died two days ago in another country far away from mine in which i hadn't seen him for years,,i dont think there is a single drop of tear left in my eye cause ive cried so much. I tried to keep it all in around my mother and my family but as i read these i begin to fall mercy to my emotions. My grandfather was my companion. When I was a little boy i remember he would put his hand on my shoulder and say "son" "no matter what you do, always live with honesty and kindness". My grandmother died when she was 50 and my grandpa never remarried, so i know they are finally together again. Thank you for these poems and godbless those who have passed. my grandpa god rest his sould 1934-2004
this made me cry and release some pain
OMG. I had a "little brother" that died in 2000. His name was Ryan. I was thinking about him when I found this poem. This touched me in a way that you will never know. Thank you for psting it. It helps knowing that someone else can put into words how I feel about him and how i miss him.
great poem
This is so true. I lost a friend name Ryan.
I just lost my grandfather the other day and when I read this poem I knew someone else has felt the same pain .
This poem made me cry. It's so true we are the only person who knows how we feel. Things as tragic as this take a lot of time to feel all that they are going to. We will never completely heal but the best we can is what we need to do.
I love stef and the poem it is great
This poem is great it makes me cry every time that I read it.

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