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This is a poem written to a teenage girl that passed away, from her best friend and boyfriend. She helped him become in love with life when he hated every second of it.

An Old Friend

I remember you as a candle in the night
That helped me see all things bright.

My love for you was not hidden,
It made my hate become ridden.

You were my savior, my help in life,
When I attempted suicide, you took the knife.

Now distance and time have taken it over,
But my love for you now shines bolder.

You do not know what you've done for me,
But I tell you now, you answered my plea.
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9 Visitor Comments

This poem reminds me alot of me and my ex boyfriend that i had lost back in 7th grade this is veyr heart felt i really like it.
I lost a good friend. He was only 18. This poem spoke to me. He helped me out in my troubled times. I really miss him.
this poem really touched me cuz i just lost a really close friend and i wish i could of told him how much he means to me by your poem! R. I. P. GABRIEL 1990-2005
i think this poem is the best
This has really touched me in a way you will never know. Thank you Bryan, may you never forget the lessons that your love has taught you for you to loose those will be to loose life.
Hi. This was a really good poem for me to read. I had a boyfriend that attemped suicide. U write very good poetry and if u keep writing, it will touch many lives.
good and intense
I to lost my girlfriend and best friend. She was the one person that showed me that life is a gift. And she stood by me when my life seem to painful to continue. She always taught me to live life. And for that I will be forever thankful. I love her more and more each day.
Bryan, Hi! I love reading and writing poetry and I came across your poem. I read it and I thought it was such a good poem. It really says and means a lot. If you'd like to read any of my poems sometime my home page address is- You are a really good poet. Take care. Bye! *~Andrea~*

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