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My Alexis died at birth, so in my dreams is where she is at. That is where I can hold her hear her voice, and see her beauty.

In My Dreams

Another night
I awake with my heart pounding
A tear running down over my lips
The taste of salt awakens me
Realizing where I am
I lay back down
Wanting the dream back
In my dream it is so real
In my dream
I can hear the laughter
see the smile ~ I've never seen
You turn to me
With the most beautiful blue eyes
With a smile you seem to ask
"Can I?"
A nod of my head and you run
Looking around
Not knowing where you
Want to go first
Thru the sand
Down the slide
Then to the swings
That smile again ~ those blue eyes
With a gentle voice
"Push me mommy"
"Of course my baby, my love, my daughter."
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8 Visitor Comments

My friend lost her 17 year old daughter on 19th December 2006. She died of the adult version of cot death. My friend has found it very hard to cope or even try and conemplate life without her daughter. I read this poem and it really made me understand my friends loss and i know she will get much comfort from it.
I lost my daughter 11 years ago, so I know how you feel about losing a child, I lost my little boy 1 year ago, both were stillborn, I hope things are ok with you and I am sorry for your lost, take care Lori
I have had 4 miscarriages and gave birth to my stillborn daughter Izabella at 36 weeks in 2001 after miscarrying her twin at 7 weeks. This poem really touched me. I have dreams like that also. I dream that I give birth to her, and she is very much alive and well, then I say her name and they hand her to me and I cry tears of joy. I wake up only to find that its a dream. a dream that will never be a reality to me. My heart goes out to you and your family.
My sister was just killed in a car accident she was only 17 and i know my whole family is haveing a rough time even though we know she is safe in heaven with jesus and she will not have to suffer from cancer or a broken heart. but this poem kinda comforted me as i read through it even though it was a different situation,and i am sure it will really comfort my mother who has many dreams about shay. so thanks for sharing this poem!
This poem was touching, My unborn Daughter died inside of me on the 23rd nov 03, i never knew her but yet i feel empty inside of me cuz i never got to she her smile or hear her cry, she will always be with me in my heart and mind, I hope I will find the strength to get though this tough time, I hope you will to,
this poem is so sad. i am so sorry for this parent because she can't go on with this pain in her heart and soul.i don't know what it feels like but i know it is hurting really bad in her heart. please try to go on!
I dont know what to say deep inside me i have the words yet on the surface i have nothing.I know what it's like to loose a child and the pain is unreal,my unborn baby died inside me 3 weeks ago and i dont know how i will ever find the strength to go on i just know i will and i hope you have too.bye

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