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My darkest poem, written after talking to a young girl who's true love died in her arms after being hit by a drunk driver. So many awful things happen in this world, and this girl has had to endure a number of bad things, of which the above is undoubtedly the worst. I felt compelled to write this poem, to let out some of the angst that I felt.


The anguish I feel
tears at my soul
Life at times
is so cripplingly bad
there is hatred everywhere
cruel lives attack those
who live for the joy
of simply living.
their lives are destroyed
in a blink of time
with acts of such horror
and unthoughtful malice
that to think of them
makes the stoutest heart shudder
and the strongest man cry
A life so awful
cannot be born alone
in solitude
with only thoughts
to pass the time
it must be shared
or worse will follow
as slowly,
days become darker
nights become longer
more oppressive
heavy on the mind
weighing down on hope
suppressing it
crushing it
until it dies
and when that happens
life dies too

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3 Visitor Comments

I love this poem. The intro to it by itself explains so much. My brother was killed by a drunk driver, i was the last person he talked to. Thanks so much for writing that. I love it!
This is a very good poem. I had three close friends of mine die Saturday night in a car wreck. It is the worst feeling to lose someone you care about.
I thought this poem was beutiful and it really made me think because I myself am abit of a loner and do not share my thoughts and feelings

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