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Cyber Romance Poems page 2

Cyber Romance Poems (51-65)

  • by Michael W Craven
    Finding a soulmate on-line really doesn't feel much different than finding one in RL. Or does it?
  • by Kyttn
    We know that cyber romance is real. But can it ever transcend the boundaries within which it was created? Does it ever move into RL?
  • by Sally
    Perhaps there are more than bits and bytes travelling over that wire, onto your screen, into your heart…
  • by Maria Byrne
    One of the very first poets at Passions discovers the Internet is more than just a place to post poetry.
  • by Cindy Heavican
    Love does strange things to the mind, and plays tricks on our senses. Can you feel what is not felt, or see what cannot be seen?
  • by Rickard Leroy
    Is it possible to make love over a modem?
  • by Melissa
    This poem describes the fulfillment of a dream - a dream found unexpectedly on-line.
  • by Harry
    This powerful poem could almost have gone in the Erotica section - except it's all happening on-line…
  • by Angell
    This poem, about a friendship rather than open romance, shows once again that the Internet is having a deep impact on people.
  • by Serene
    Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've met only on the Internet? It seems a wide range of people are exploring the answer to this question, even as we speak.
  • by Wolf With The Red Roses
    The old cliché "Love is where we find it" is taking on new meaning in the cyber-age.
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    This is a very special poem, revealing a very special - and new - Truth. The Internet is more than just a highway, because its population is comprised of people.

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  • by Malcolm Coleman
    For thousands of years, two people have shown their love for each other with kisses. Unfortunately, today, ready lips don't travel across a modem very well…
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Falling in love over the Internet can be tough for many. But perhaps it is toughest on those separated by more than just hundreds of miles, more than just commonly traveled distances.
  • by AngelofLove
    This Love Poem comes from a visitor who found our site in an unusual way. She was sent a poem. And this is her response…
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