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Many don't believe or understand the feelings that develop as you talk to people online. At a very lonely time in my life, I met someone very special here in cyberspace. After spending several months together, yet apart, in this place it became almost unbearable--the thought of spending yet one more day without him. Two years ago, he became my husband and are living the dream that we spent so many months longing for...

From My Heart

That's how I feel without you.
Every day that we're apart
Feels like an eternity.

You move me...
Make me feel things I thought I would never feel again.
When I am with you,
I feel a warmth wash over me.
A warmth unlike any I have felt before.
It picks me up and carries me to a far off place,
A beautiful place...
A place where nothing is known but love and caring.
My worries fade to a distant memory,
And all but you is forgotten,
If only for the moment...

My heart is overflowing with joy and love,
The joy that you bring to me,
And the love that I feel for you.
Never have I come across anyone like you...
Sweet, warm, tender, caring...

I become overwhelmed in your presence, lost...
Lost to my imagination, to the thought of you.
I'm lost in a wonderful dream, and I never want to wake up.

You... You are too good to be true...
My knight in shining armor.
The man I've been searching for...
The man of my dreams.
And now I have you,
Yet I cannot have you.
To see you would be heavenly,
To touch you, divine.
I want to share my life with you...

You are my waking thought
And the last thing on my mind
As I drift off to sleep at night.
You fill my dreams with visions of happiness and love,
Visions that linger on and carry me through my day.

There is a longing in my heart
That someday we will become a reality.
I want you with every fiber of my being.
I need you as I need water, or food, or air.
I miss you every second of every day.
And for everything that you are to me,
Everything that you will ever be,
I love you...

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44 Visitor Comments

the best one i have read
i didnt realise that someone could feel the same as myself and my lover weve noin each other for a month and we no that were with other people but we believe that fate has brought us together and were sppose to be together maybe one day we hope an dpray we can be together xxxxx
Thank you for such a beautiful poem. English is not my first launguage so your poem allowed me to express my love and feelings to the one I love in the distance.
I never thought I could feel this way again after a bad relationship especially with someone on the net but this poem says everything I am feeling. I thank god for him everyday and for you for writing such a beautiful poem thank you
OMG . this poem is exactly what I am feeling. I never thought in a million years I'd fall in love with someone over the net. but here I am! I feel so alive more than I have in years because of this man. Thank you sooo much . I was looking for something to put my feelings into words. Keep up the beautiful work
This poem really hits home . i feel this way about a special someone and its all said right there in this poem WOW.
Your poem is a reflection of my thoughts and deep feelings of love for my special man that I met online. He came into the chatroom I was in, singled me out and waltzed into my heart filling it with all the colors of the rainbow. We are soon to meet I cant wait.
umm i feel the same way about a special guy i feel in luv with on the net he was my first and last guy i would ever love on the net. hes taught me so much GOD I HOW I LOVE HIM so much when we talk i just want to ask him if we can be together again but i dont think he wants me as much as i want him :( o well were the best of friends right now but i wish it was more i love u jason
OMG, you already know how much talent you have, and if you keep writing like this, you will be able to make an ocean from everyone's tears. I wish you the best, for I feel the same way about someone i met online, and i love him dearly, like i never thought possible! Thanks for touching me with your words. All the best luck!
This poem must be about my darlin and I. We have been together online now almost a year with a meeting between us. How I miss his touch, his smile, the way he whispers in my ear how much he loves me.
your poem touched my heart so much it made me cry.
WOW! I can't believe how deep this goes. I love this. True love is amazing no matter where you find it. When we do find it we should hold onto it. Make it the best it can be. This poem reflects true love and true emotions. Very heart felt. Again. WOW!
Wow I Ave Been Looking All Over The Net 4 A Poem Like This I Found It,Thanx, It IS An Excellent Poem. Thank U So Much
My heart cried as yours did, what a beautiful poem..we took the our sadness was too deep being apart oceans seperated us..together now we share love happiness..but most of all our beautiful memories of an online love affair, never give up hope!
My God... this poem is so beautiful! My eyes started to fill with tears; it's just so moving, so deep. Gaaaah! It's poems like this one that literally take my breath away! Then when I wish to comment on them, I can't! I'm just moved and touched so deeply that words can't begin to describe as hard as they try. Keep up the exceptional work! It's magnificent!
Wonderful Poem! It made my heart soar, and I know my loves heart will soar as well. Thanks Kyttn
This poem ROCKED .made me cry =P
Without knowing it you wrote this poem for me and my babyy.. We have been together online for 3 mos now..and plan to unite soon.. I feel just as you write, so much so I had to send it to him.. I couldnt believe I could find something so suiting, without writing it myself..thank you very much..And best of Luck to you and your LOVE..I only hope that someday, I can share my story of success also..Keep writing!!
oooo yes this poem really touches the heart so true...
This is a very warming truthfull poem felt from the heart it is wonderful,comforting to hear words that have so much meaning.
Wow,such a beautiful poem.I have sent this on to my on-line love.This explains my feelings down to a tee.Smiles to
I love this poem ! This is where I am right now, hoping to make it a reality with my man.
After reading this poem, it made me think of the sweetest, most caring man that I met on the internet one night. We have been chatting for two months now on the computer and by phone and realize that we are in love with each other and are hoping that someday we will be together forever.
i love this poem
I like this poem very much, it's real good
Dear Friend, I just want to say that the words to this poem are exactly the way I feel about my boyfriend . I was looking for the perfect way to tell him all the things that were in my heart annd I want to let you know that your poem will tell him exactly how I feel for him and how much I love him. Thank you from the bottm of my heart for helping me express these feeling to the man of my dreams. Sincerely , Melissa
This is exactly how I feel! I just met my cyber sweetie last weekend and it was wonderful! Thank You for writting something that explains just how I feel it is truely a wonderful piece!!!!!
I am in an internet relationship. This poem is so fitting. I can't move or breathe without him. He is my life, he has my heart. He lives in Canada, I live in Australia. We both have partners but one day we hope that we can be together. Great poem, i sent it to him, my Marc. Thank you so much. Jo
absolutely te most incredible poem i have ever read--it is exactly how i feel for a man from ohio who i met and am absolutely in love with--i hope our story follows suit with yours--you have given hope--t/u
Wow..this is such a moving and beautiful poem. I do not know of any better way to express my feelings for the love of my life on-line then through this poem.
I literally searched for hours to find the poem that said how i truly felt "this is it" thankyou.
this poem touched me really ,and who ever wrote this poem is the most aweet person. you have alot of talent
Out of all the poems I read, this one is fantastic! Beautiful, perfect, it describes my feelings totally
You took the words right out of my heart.
this is a beautiful poem... it sounds like me and robert... :)
*S* you spoke my feelings for my special your a mind reader ..lovely poem
She speaks what my heart feels and that is a great accomplishment.
Beautiful...loved it so wonderful
I love this poem!
Perfect poem!!
I am still wiping the tears from my eyes!
This poem is great!!! I am in this situation and this expresses my feelings exactly.
I have been searching for the best way to let my cyber-sweetheart know what I was feeling. This poem said it all for me. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Thank you for sharing your feelings Helps me to know not only has someone felt the same but you are making it work

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