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If you have ever experienced cyber romance you know exactly the thoughts and feelings expressed in this poem. I wrote this recently about a man who has touched my life from across the miles.

Enviable One

I fell so unexpectedly enchanted,
You marveled my thoughts.
In the past I’ve took for granted,
Never since sought.
Like a strong breeze,
You swayed the branches of my desire.
While bathing in cyber seas,
My attention you did acquire.
I was hidden in my fortress,
Safely tucked behind my walls.
Dodging all reasons for distress,
Out to my destiny you seem call.
Melted my cold,
Nearly melting my heart,
I caught myself dreaming of death do us part
To bask briefly in your sun,
All my fears slain.
I knew should run,
Before life bestow pain.
What is the worry?
‘Tis not possible or true,
To find your companion,
Upon a cyber space cruise.
Intuition within, cries out for you,
The way our minds dance,
Your essence cradling the fire of few.
I am reluctant to add another could have been,
Automatic presumptions of the impossible,
My thoughts could not defend.
Carried away by the normal,
Left to wilt embracing my walls.
Are we not to answer,
If a chance of the heart should call?
We scurry towards tradition,
Because it appears ineffable;
Do we need the world’s permission?
I leave you now a permanent place,
Etched in my work of art.
If offered ‘tis yours,
However no one steals my heart.
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6 Visitor Comments

This poem touched me. It describes exaclty how I feel about a certain girl, that I only know online.
this is just fantastic. exactly what i feel
You nailed it, serene... I know EXACTLY what you mean.. I've written a poem with a similar mindset as yours, came out in a different way. If you would ever like to read it, just email me. I enjoyed yours (gave me some support!)
We met lots of people on the Net but few make us feel the intensity of their presence. Thanks Serene for put it in words.
very good ,
A 10 mouse click salute.... "right on the money"

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