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This poem is for any one who has given up hope of finding someone. You just might find love in places you never thought you would.

I did.

New Life From Afar

What is this thing before me,
Full of wires and buttons
And lights and things?

What new wonders will it bring?
I tap it here and click it there -
Where it will take me if I dare?

So lonely with life and no where to go.
I'll type on these buttons
And see where I go.

I bounce through this wold of cyber space
Looking for someone
With a happy face.

And out of no where she does appear
Under her face does appear

And all of a sudden my life has new meaning
My mouth is smiling
And my face agleaming

For at one time my soul was dead,
Now all I have is
justonekiss in my head.

I wait each night in front of this thing
For her light to come on
To make my heart sing .

Oh, what a wonderful thing
Made of wires and buttons
And things.
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9 Visitor Comments

this is an update from wolf withtheredroses this was the first poem i ever wrote and to let you all know me and just one kiss have been together now for 7 years and we are just as happy as the first day we met hope you fine someone special toooo
I can really relate to this poem. I have been talking to a guy and he is the sweetest guy ever. He doesn't live but like 40 or 45 minutes away and I haven't met him. I'm gonna send this to him though because it is really pretty and it's just what I need to say. Thanks and keep up the good work!
turd soup
this is just da way i feel! its a great poem i couldnt've explained it betta! good on u!
Very nice.
Very witty indeed,i like it.This says a lot about the time we live in.
this poem has an awesome analogy in all it's simplicity ! I sent this to my cybersweetie...
just a beautiful poem i loved it and i hope others will too :)
That's the feeling exactly!

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