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I am not a poet by any stretch of the imagination. But when the heart needs release it finds a way to brings its joys and pains to bare. The poem is the result of passion that is felt, probably by many of you as well, through the connection we find online. To love so deeply, and never to know the touch of your lover's hand, is a pain that cuts like a knife. But I still revel in its afterglow that it leaves me with to this day. Passion is such a sweet fruit to tempt the that can not be denied...lest we cease to be alive.

Love Untouched

We danced as we had never danced.
Void of touch,
Eyes closed,
Flesh alive.

A soulful embrace.
Spirits flying,
invisible heat,
Transcending time.

Our hearts beat as one.
Loud as thunder,
Entwined together,
Joyfully Singing.

My senses ache to feast.
Delicious hunger,
Tactile treat,
Visually intrigued.

Passion erupts from within.
Luminating us,
Innocently calling,
Spreading infinitely
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5 Visitor Comments

There is no pain like the one of a love that u can not touch. And yet it brings you such joy. This poem mirrored my feeling of an online love that no longer exsists. Can love continue if u never touch or meet? This one couldn't.
I love the truth in this poem ..It really says it all
Excellent and true poem!
Wonderfully passionate....the imagery allows me to feel the depths of passion within the poets heart....

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