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I wrote this poem for a man I meet online. When I first came on line I did not come to find love. I came to find friends to help me with my children. Thus I was in parenting-single parenting. I meet this sweet man on line and he became my friend. We begun talking on the phone. I fell for him and now my heart is his. I moved to Mississippi a week and a half ago to begin my life with him. I wanted to share this with everyone. I wrote this poem for him for Valentine's. I hope you enjoy this. He has not seen it yet. I hope he likes it. Thank You, Melissa

My Knight

My Knight
Life without you,
Is life without light.
Hopes, dreams, wishes,
Are fulfilled.
Dreams do come true,
I waited and searched for my knight,
Would he ever come.
Then light,
In a flash,
Out of nowhere,
Out of somewhere,
A knight arrived.
The sight of him was amazing,
Can he be real,
Is he true?
I accept him for what he is,
A knight.
Not a flaw to be found.
Does he know he is my dream?
Does he know he is my destiny?
Does he know he is my world?
Invisible gifts,
These things he gives to me.
Without question...
My thanks,
My heart,
My soul,
All these things I give.
Is it enough,
All of my love,
To you,
My Knight!!!
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5 Visitor Comments

Melissa This is a great poem. I am sure your man will love it. I LOVED THIS POEM ITS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. I met a guy on a chat one day jus looking for friends to found out he was crushing on me and we been together for 3 months and hes coming down here soon im so happy! Good Poem! Kudos
its very interesting and good
i am madly in love with a man i met online,he has touched me in so many wonderful ways,he is my life!
Dear Melissa: Just beautiful! I hope he has seen this! I also found my knight on the internet. looking only for friends. Isn't this wonderful?! Take care & lots of love and luck to you both!
i have found that special person in cyber space and your poem describes me feelings for him!! thanks

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