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This poem I wrote not long ago, when I met a good friend over the internet. He is always there to listen to me whine and calm me down For this I will be forever grateful.

I Will Always Know This To Be True

Days were filled with tears
Moments were filled with pain
Thoughts were filled with memories
Dreams were filled with nightmares

Till not long ago I though it was impossible
To find the friend most search for all their life
I lost so many friends as years came and went
After all I've been through
After all those who left my life

I never thought I'd find a friend as good as the ones I've lost
A friend who'd be by my side and who'd listen to my thoughts
Maybe these are just words
Maybe it'll all change with time

Even though we only know each other from far, far away
Even though the Internet is the only communication we share
I Trust you more with every word
I would stand by your side when no one else would
I would tell you the truth even though it might hurt

The words I'm trying to say is that you are one of my true friends
You know what I feel, you know my little ways,
You never judge me, you never have.

You're there for me to wipe the tears
You're always there to lend a ear
Maybe someday you'll forget my face, you'll forget who I am,
But I will always know to be true
That there aren't many friends as good as you
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6 Visitor Comments

This poem is awsome it says everything. For this poem is me currently. Iv'e gone thru so much hell and all friends lost. Then i meet this great persom online who is always there to listen and to try and make me feel better. This poem touched me to my core. I will be sending this straight to that special friend. I am not so good with words i sure am glad there are those out there that can put thought to paper like this for those of us like me.
I think this is the amazing poem i have ever came across this site, i have been a regilar visitor of this site but this poem had really made me cry, it is amazing and i think this is the best ever poem i have read in my life.
I am currently going through a situation like this.He lives in another country and is ill and cannot come to see words exactly.
I relly do like this pome because I have a frienda that lives on the other side of the would
I really like dthe poems because it describes EXACTLY the friendships I have on the internet. It doesn't matter if it is in cyber space, you are still communicating with another human being. And that is all that matters..

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