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You meet many people online. Some touch you down to your soul. Some inspire you to grow. Others stomp you down. This one sent me a poem from your site, and inspired me to try my hand at a poem of 'gratitude' to him. So in his honor, I submit this poem.

He came to me when I needed him most, my guardian angel. He rode upon a horse called honor and gave to me all he had inside. This man took me inside his soul and cared for me. Made me whole once more. Shared with me his experiences and guided me to the light. And when our journey is complete, lovers also, I pray we will be.

Angel With Honor

He came to me from out of the heavens,
As I was standing alone.
My heart so heavy and ladden with fears,
The road ahead of me so long.

His words rang so true,
They swept my tears away.
He comforted me, cared for me,
Made me complete, He showed me the way.

Honor was his light,
Peace was his strength,
Happiness was his goal,
Love is my reward.

Although we have just begun,
Time will take us on this journey,
Hand in hand we will explore,
All God meant us to know.

First step being the hardest,
That one we have made.
Our journey we are beginning,
Our destination unknown.

Honor being our guide,
Peace being our strength,
Happiness being with us,
Love our reward.
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11 Visitor Comments

I met someone on the Internet 4 months ago a couple of weeks ago we met for the first time . Everything is going wonderful so far and i really hope it stays that way . This poem really reminded me of us. I thank you it is a great poem and i just love it . Keep up the good work .
i liked the poem but it isnt like the real world it never happens that way but i liked the poem
Good structure. nice poem.
Angel of Love, I love those inspiring words of your poem . Hope one day it will be dedicated to all those people in the world, who need it. Keep up the great work
My Cyber Love is described in your lovely poem. Now I have a little something to send him from my heart via your's. Thanks.
Some time ago I worked on a telephone 'help/councelling' line. I understand the feelings this poet is going thru - and its bought back some lovely memories.... many thanks
I was sent this poem by a very special person, It rang so true and struck a major chord.. deep inside. Thankyou
This poem touched me so deeply because a wonderful man came into my life unexpted, and made an impact on me no one could know except some one who has experinced it themselves. THIS POET!
It was areally great poem!good job!
just love this poem :)
this poem is sooo true of what I feel.. I couldn't have expressed any better than the way you have.. thank you

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