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The following index of poems includes all of those submitted by the author and subsequently published on the main site. The date the poem was submitted (not necessary published) is also included with each entry. If the author has published poems under more than one category, their poems are grouped by category.

Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

  • 1999-06-08
    If this section is about friendship turned to love, where do we put those poems about love turned to friendship? Or is there really a difference?
  • 1999-03-04
    This poem is not about friends who fall in love. This poem is about lovers who unexpectedly become the best of friends…

Sad Poems

  • 1999-03-02
    This poem reminds me of a comedy skit, about our innate pursuit of "things" in Life. Except -- the truth revealed here isn't really very funny.
  • 1999-03-02
    This poem is deep and moving, not easily grasped on a first reading, and well worth your time and effort to understand. We all have regrets, and these are not uncommon ones…

Friendship Poems

  • 1999-06-08
    It's not always easy to say you're sorry. And time makes it no easier.

Poems on Life

  • 1999-06-04
    The beautiful poem explores a very common human desire - to again live a life that exists only in our past.
  • 1999-06-02
    There are milestones along the journey of Life that cannot - and should not - be forgotten. This lovely poem is about such a place.
  • 1999-03-26
    A cliché often has Truth hidden within, but it's not always the Truth you would see on the surface.
  • 1999-03-02
    Can you count how many times you've been loved and then hurt? Do you want to?
  • 1999-03-02
    This is one of those poems that takes a little work to achieve understanding, but the message is enhanced by your effort and well worth your time.

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