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I can relate to this poem alot. My boyfriend works three hours away and he's only home on the weekends so it makes it hard.
I just wanted to tell you that your poem, inspired me! Because I have recently been put in the same position! I am in love and my parents won't even let me call him! Well It's good to know that other people have the same problems as me!
I loved this poem. It really touched me because I am in the situation and the poet really put it down in a beautiful way.
An absolutely heart felt poem. I loved to read it
I love this poem! I am going through this exact same thing with a guy right now. I am a poet myself, but sometimes I just want to read, not write. Anyway, thank you very much.
I actually sat down at the computer today to Google up a poem, lyrics, anything that would help me get through a problem much like your own. In your simple, sweet poem, my heart went 'twang' and I know now, I can get through this. Thank you.
I really enjoyed this poem. It was exactly how I felt after my boyfriend and I broke up. It really helped me realize that I can move on. Thank you. It was a really great poem and I believe that the author is very talented.

Teenage Love Poems (76-127)

  • by Sparkles
    Love often needs reassurance. But how often?
  • by Amy
    How long can love last?
  • by Tana Holland
    We can learn much through love. And, too, sometimes from its loss.
  • by Melanie Teresi
    First loves are always remembered and so are first kisses. Missing them and believing them is all a part of love.
  • by Jessica Armstrong
    The innocence and unselfishness of first love is very nicely portrayed by this talented young poet...
  • by Julie Turner
    It always hurts to lose that special someone. Especially to your own sister.
  • by Stephani Stone
    Love isn't Love if expressed for the wrong reasons.
  • by Em Bohrer
    Being ignored can be painful. But even pain doesn't destroy hope.
  • by Taylor Hamilton
    Love is the process of learning about another. Unfortunately, what we learn can sometimes leave us feeling bitter.
  • by Michael Cerda
    Sometimes one person simply wants more than another is able to give.
  • by D84honey
    We all have fantasies of the way love should be. And sometimes the best fantasies are from another point of view.
  • by A Lonely Heart
    Sometimes, we can get what we want only when we stop trying…

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Teenage Love Poems continued

  • by Mandiee
    What must it feel like when the person you love moves away?
  • by Panda
    Distance is a barrier that can cause a great deal of pain. But the pain is still never more than the joy.
  • by Familiar Perplexity
    What must it be like to see so many others in love, and never have experienced the feeling yourself?
  • by Angelina Axtell
    Sometimes, when we're very very lucky, we get a second chance.
  • by Amy
    Misunderstandings can hurt everyone involved. And, too often, destroy what was once very beautiful
  • by Jessica Lee
    Two people in love can't always deal only with themselves. Sometimes, they have to deal with the past as well.
  • by Lauren Burnett
    Sometimes people just don't listen to us. Even those we love.
  • by Erin Young
    What happens when you fall for the same person as your best friend?
  • by Linzi
    Friendship and Love are two powerful emotions. When the are at odds with each other the result can only be confusion. And, too, anger.
  • by Stephanie Estrellado
    It's not too tough to say it, but sometimes it's very tough to answer why.
  • by Sally
    It's not easy to forget or get over another, when you run into them at school all the time.
  • by Audrey Monique
    Sometimes we meet the right person at the wrong time. And we have to wait…
  • by Jessica Lee
    Life often entails tough choices. And, even more often, it entails waiting.
  • by Valerie
    We all need reassurances.
  • by Iceprincess
    Love is more than simply speaking the words.
  • by Rima Darkstar
    Do you believe in "Love at first Chat?"
  • by Erin Knapp
    Sometimes it's really hard to say the things you want to say.
  • by Lisa Boyd
    Love is a great many things, and most of them are mentioned in this poem…
  • by Sunshine
    When friendship turns to something more, it's a one-way street.
  • by Jules
    Unreturned Love has only two options. One of them is to continue hoping…
  • by Sarah Pecor
    Breaking up doesn't stop the heart from caring.
  • by Lan Trinh
    Some gifts, once given, can never be taken back. Virginity is one such gift…
  • by Asian Angel
    Sometimes the only way to say I love you, is to say I love you.
  • by Amanda Kavin
    Love is rarely easy. But sometimes society and other people make it much harder than it needs to be..
  • by Jen
    Three years is a long time to love someone and never say it…
  • by Ashley Dickerson
    It's not always easy to understand what another is thinking or know why they do the things they do.
  • by Hope Thompson
    This is a very beautiful and captivating poem of a search, one not yet completed but certainly well begun.
  • by Authur Morrison
    Being clever can sometimes make up for being shy…
  • by Summer Cates
    While Passions has a whole section devoted to friends that fall in love, it's not something that's limited to the older generation.
  • by Liza Marie
    The phrase "sleeping together" takes on new meaning in this lovely poem.
  • by Phoebe Dukes
    Unspoken love is perhaps the most painful kind.
  • by Priscilla Zeng
    First love is magical. And, too often, very painful.
  • by Luke Campbell
    Saying goodbye is sometimes a good chance to say "I love you."
  • by Pymp4evr
    Is it puppy love or the last-forever kind? Does it really matter?
  • by Katherine James
    This delightful poem, by a young girl wiser than her years, proves that love doesn't always have to be serious or forever…
  • by Kristen Ducatte
    Youth doesn't preclude love. And neither youth nor love necessarily preclude an awakening wisdom.
  • by Allenda
    The memories of love can be every bit as poignant - and every bit as conflicting - as the feeling of love.
  • by Dreamgirl
    Ever wonder what a teenager thinks about?
  • by Kiwi
    Young Love is incredible, intense, and very, very sincere.
  • by Austine'a Burrell
    A 15-year-old learns that when things change in a relationship, the changes never go away.
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