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I can relate to this poem alot. My boyfriend works three hours away and he's only home on the weekends so it makes it hard.
I just wanted to tell you that your poem, inspired me! Because I have recently been put in the same position! I am in love and my parents won't even let me call him! Well It's good to know that other people have the same problems as me!
I loved this poem. It really touched me because I am in the situation and the poet really put it down in a beautiful way.
An absolutely heart felt poem. I loved to read it
I love this poem! I am going through this exact same thing with a guy right now. I am a poet myself, but sometimes I just want to read, not write. Anyway, thank you very much.
I actually sat down at the computer today to Google up a poem, lyrics, anything that would help me get through a problem much like your own. In your simple, sweet poem, my heart went 'twang' and I know now, I can get through this. Thank you.
I really enjoyed this poem. It was exactly how I felt after my boyfriend and I broke up. It really helped me realize that I can move on. Thank you. It was a really great poem and I believe that the author is very talented.

Teenage Love Poems (26-50)

  • by Ashley Mclean
    Sometimes a beautiful poem is a beautiful hint
  • by Katherine James
    If it seems too good to be true, maybe it is.
  • by Ashley Mclean
    Thoughts of love are expressed in words, and words can lead to poetry.
  • by Gina Marie
    Fear of rejection can lead to famous last words. "Maybe one day…"
  • by Deeplyfelt
    Sometimes, it takes the eyes of another to really show us who we are.
  • by Linze
    Love cannot be easily controlled and, sadly, neither can great distances.
  • by Nick
    The young are not free from either love or the pain it can bring.
  • by Megan H.
    What does it take to be loved? Before love must come self-love.
  • by Cherry
    That first date is a time for exploring. And for understanding.
  • by William Johnson
    There is a specialness to be found in love. Even young love.
  • by Megan H.
    Is insomnia a symptom of love? Or just of pain?
  • by Mr. Ernie
    To love is to want, and to want is to wish.

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Teenage Love Poems continued

  • by Dan Losee
    We wait and wait for that special time. And when it arrives…
  • by Starburst
    The difference in ages between two people can be a problem.
  • by Jessica Kronaizl
    Words and decisions are easily taken back. Even when we realize we've made a mistake.
  • by Geist
    Time and distance, like all boundaries, fall before the face of Love.
  • by Todd R Fussell
    When we love, we risk being hurt. But maybe the worst pain comes from simply being ignored.
  • by Jody Nichols
    Are those butterflies you feel in your stomach? Or love?
  • by Ilab
    When love comes, it's not always as tidy and neat as we might wish.
  • by Sweet Dreamer
    Unreturned love is like a war raging inside of us. Can there ever be a winner?
  • by Jacob Sullivan
    Love and Fear will forever remain enemies at war. And the cost of that battle is often a young heart.
  • by Breanna Martinez
    Perhaps the most cruel words in the English language are "Can we just be friends?"
  • by Tera Nickell
    Love isn't just a single word, but rather many many other words, too.
  • by Lilttle Ber
    Love is often just another word for confusion.
  • by Meagan Jones
    First Loves may end, but they never stop being First Loves.
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