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Poems have magic, especially when they come from the heart. They can touch us, move us, delight us, enlighten us, make us laugh, make us cry, and both soften and enrich our deepest memories. Poetry is the tie that binds one stranger to another, often in friendship, sometimes in love, always in better understanding.

Welcome to Passions in Poetry, the Internet's premier poetry web site since 1998.

This web site is about love and passion, about poems that communicate deep and profound feelings of the heart and soul. It's about people. People like you and me. People who have experienced life and love, the good and the bad, and wish to share those feelings with friends.

We have thousands of categorized poems to browse or send to a friend or love. Submit your own, to share with millions of visitors every month! Enjoy our unique Poetry Greeting Cards, sophisticated search, forums, links, classical poems and more. Passions in Poetry is still the most interactive poetry site on the Web!

Poems for the People   -  Poems by the People

How To Send Poems to a Friend

Passions in Poetry was the first web site, in 1998, to provide tools for sending beautiful poems via email, and we're arguably still the best. There are tens of thousands of poems available, all organized in numerous poetry categories, making it easy (and fun) to find that special poem for that special friend.

Following each of our poems is a Response Panel.

You can print the poem, create an eCard, vote for the poem, contact the Author, or (drum roll, please) send the poem directly to a friend. Just click the button labeled Friend, add a personal message from you, and voila, instant poetic email (and a lasting impression).

You can also create greeting cards with our poetry playing center stage and supported by a cast of truly amazing graphics. Your own personal message makes for the perfect gift to that special someone in your life.

So go find some wonderful poetry, with just the right words to describe what you want to say, and send it to a friend!

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How To Submit Poetry

Becoming a Resident Poet at Passions in Poetry isn't easy. Unlike most poetry web sites, we have high standards that not everyone is willing to meet. It takes a little work, a little dedication, and more than just a little talent.

The rewards, however, can be just as significant as the effort. No where else will a writer find a larger and more dedicated audience.

Check it out!

Fifteen Years and Counting

On January 3, 1999, at about two o'clock in the morning, was born.

Zzzrrrp. Wrong. Rewind.

Okay, that particular date and time is when I officially registered the domain,, with Network Solutions. In truth, however, the web site that was soon to be hosted on the domain had already been in existence for several months.

From our first newsletter:

Less than three months ago, during the second week of November, 1998, I added a new subdirectory called /poetry to one of my existing web sites (at It was little more than a toy, a chance to try a few new web design techniques in a practical setting. I posted a score of poems on the site, some of my oldest work, and invited others to join me.

To my pleasant surprise, a few actually did. On December 5, I received our first poem ...

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