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Poetry Greeting Cards

If you think greeting cards on the Internet have become blase, then you just haven't seen ours yet. All of our greeting cards combine the Truth of poetry with the unique beauty of custom graphics. And it couldn't be any easier to send a greeting card, either.

Select a Poetry Greeting Card by clicking the little circle next to each one, then add your friend's email address. Compose a message to tell them how you feel.

Finally, click a button to send the greeting card … and wait for their heart-felt response.

Examples Main Categories Subcategories
Love Poetry Cards Love Poetry Cards Love poems
Friends & Lovers
Cyber Romance
Poems for Two
Friendship Poetry Cards Friendship Poetry Cards Friendship poems
Lost Friends
Teen Friendship
Sad Poetry Cards Sad Poetry Cards Sad poems
Lost Romance
Poems on Death
Poetry Cards on Life Poetry Cards on Life Poems on Life
Poems about Family
Poems on Society
Life as a Teen
Inspirational Poetry
Poetry Card Buffet Poetry Card Buffet Christian Poetry
Humorous Poems
Story Poems
Poems on Beauty
Special Occassions
Poems about Poetry

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How Poetry Cards Work

Your friend will be sent a very simple, short email message (similar to what you'll see when you click the "Send The Card" button), telling them where to find their Poetry Greeting Card. These cards are generated automatically by our web server (which explains the computerese-type filename), and will be maintained on the system for about fourteen days. At the end of that two week span, your Poetry Greeting Card will automatically be deleted, along with all record of it having ever been sent.

Send as many greeting cards as you'd like, to as many friends as you'd like. And, by all means, drop us a line and let us know how you like this service. Greeting cards will never be blase again!