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Well I wrote this to my boyfriend when I was going through problems at home and didn't get to tell him I loved him for always being there for me.

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i like your poem it is very touching
I love your poem! it touched me for some reason, it is one of the best peoms i've ever read. It realates to me a lot. keep writing!
this poem is so very insperational to me and tought me that you should try to love again
I love this poem. it describes how I truly feel at this moment. :)

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I Love You

I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!

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its very nice! Godbless!
I luv this poem so very much thank you for sharing it. you r a very great writer it touched my heart and i could related
That was a nice poem keep up that love. oh yeah to all my homies from da 602 whats good phoenix you know
i love this poem . as it cleraly expresses my life . i almost cried when i read this poem as i was thinking abt my life . i really love this poem
it was soo touching =]=]
this poem was awesome. it honestly says what i could never say.
thiz poem reminds of wat i went through and i still have my baby by my side i love you oscar!
this is exactly how I feel about my lover
tae tae
i love this poem cuz i had to forget my first love and give love another try . . . i love my baby so much i hope that it acctualy lasts
I like this poem very very very . much. It is full of joy,emotions and respect for two hearts . at last some of words for inspiration of ANGEL BABY are: Just proceed like river, eliminate every rock,mountain & tree which come on your way.
I've been there and I know how that feels thats why I liked this poem.
wow its really nice loved it
this is a very good poem! i can relate to it!
this poem relates to my relationship so much thats why I like it
i really love this poem. I think it's so cute. I really enjoy writing poems too!
u ave tuched my heart wive that poem chick x
Hey Angel this poem is very touching and your words are so great that everthing flows I like it
Your poem really touch me in a way i never been touch ever i mean i feel that way about my boyfriend thinks for inspiring me to tell my boyfriend how i feel
Ninja of the night
this poem amazed me, its simple how things like this come up in ones mind, thx for letting people know that teen love isnt always about what people think it is, keep it up
i just want to say that i really loved that poem. it really touched me. you see i am currently going through the same thin right now. and it is hard to tell the one that i love that i love them. you see the one that i love is a girl just like me and i know that she loves me too, but she is afraid to tell anyone. i have told my parents and everyone else i know. you see my mom doesnt look at me the same anymore because of what she says i have become. but i love what "i've become" its what makes me, me. i dont want to let that go no matter what the cost!
I love the poem sooooooo much! It's just like what happened to me and how i feel about my boyfriend. I've tried to find one that explained what this poem does. I LOVE IT!
this poem was amazing. it touched me deeply. at one time i was cought up in my own family business and didn't pay any attention to my boyfriend. but now i do have time to show the love of my life how much i love and care for him. but this poew is the best that i have ever read.
OMG! this poem is soo sweet! its so pure to the heart. my bf read this poem before me an dedicated it to me! i love him so much! i love your writing its amazing keep writing more beautiful poems!
This is a very touching poem. and it told everything about what happened to me. i fell in love once and that never worked out. then i met this one gut i waited for him cause i knew he was the one. we have been togather for a year an a month. but then he left to go to the marines. we are still togather an i love him so much. this poem tells of so many truths. people never think about those things. but they really come true! thanks
it absolutley made me cry my eyes out this is the best poem i have read in my entire life you have huge potential to becum a poet you go for it girl 100/100
the poem was very serious and gets the point straight out when you have feelings for someone, so overall the poem is very good
I love this poem it's sweet and true. It reaches me in a lot of ways and i can feel all the love you had when you wrote it.
the poem was good it really made me think hard about what was going on in the situation.
great poem i feel that in my heart
this is a very beautiful poem, i was amazed at wat i read. whoever this person, keep writing poems like this becuz this, this is art. simply a work of love and heart.
i really love this poem it makes me so happy beacuse it reminds me of my boyfriend
Awwwww this poem reminds me of my ex boyfriend . He loves mee to much to forget mee . :[ . But it wasnt my fault of what he did to mee . he regreted it and he wants mee bakc . What should i do ?
this poem really touched me! it was very very sweet! i give it a thumbs up!
this poem is so true because im going through it and i just want my boyfriend to know that this is how i feel and leaving someone to be in love with him its so amazing.
that was soooo cute! and sweet!lolit was sooo loving.
Hey there Angel Baby, I like your peoms very much! This peoms had touched my heart so smoothly and it is a wonderful peoms it made me think of my new boyfriend that who I was going out with and he loves me forever and so much that he could never ever stop loving me forever! He always going to think about me and he miss me and he always love me no matter or what, he is never ever going to let our own love relationship torn down and broken apart either! I always going to be his girl forever and he is always going to be my man forever and that's how I am going to make my other ex-boyfriend jealous too! because my own ex-boyfriend doesn't call me or love me or care about me though ever again I know his own little mind! I am so mad at my own ex-boyfriend though too right now ! I am never ever gonna trust or love my own ex-boyfriend ever again so I had to go break up with my own ex-boyfriend anyways!
i really like it, but it to some music and it will be great as a song if you make it longer
I thought that poem was so amazing! I enjoyed it a lot and looking forward to reading more of your poems. Good Luck with your poems!
It's good!
itz truly heart touching myself being a small time poet i truly understand the depthes of love and how difficult its to express.
i love this its sooooo true about me and my boyfriend
I really love this poem because it truely says what u feel and who ever u wrote this about should feel lucky to have u because i can see u truely loved him. But where unsure if he loved u . i feel that way somtimes so i kinnda know what u where feelen in this poem. Your a great writer an d u should keep writen about love becaus your really good at writen love poems . Your Great . I loved reading Your e poem thanks for sharing but i have to go take care o f my brothers . See yah and keep writing
i really liked this poem, it really made me think about my first love, and why im still in love n. n
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