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This is poem is about my love yes but what makes it so unique is that I have had such bad times with others in the past until he came along and showed me who I really was on the inside. He showed me that I deserved to be loved and I should love myself before anything I set out to do. He let me see by his devotion to me and me alone that there is a true guy out there for me that won't think of me as a trophy but think of me for my mind, my heart and who I am deep down inside.

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wow this poem was awesome. please write more
this is so nice it makse me wan to cry i relly do understand wahat you are talking about with this beautifull pome im a dancer and i would like to use this to make a dance to
Nice poem =) Really reminds me of me and my boyfriend- just seems so much more easier for you to put it into words then myself =P xxx
Dude,I really loved that poem. It reminds me of a girl that I truly adored. You should keep writing.

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I Do Say

What can I say when I think about you?
I fear you yet I care so much of you that
you are all I want to be with.
I wish, I do say, that I do desire
every moment of your attention.
I do wish that you could see into my eyes as
I see into yours.
Every slight glance to every long gaze;
I want to be known, for myself, and to be
wanted, just to feel the sensation.
The sensation of knowing, within one's self,
that you are a part of this wonderful thing called life.
To be given the right to live life with another
can only give one a doorway to happiness.
To experience love and loss, the way life is meant to be.
One can't love without being lost
and can't loose without once being loved.
I do say, what harm can be done in being lost?
If all it takes is having to be lost here and feel
loved then in the end it is well worth it.

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This is a great poem.
That is such a beautiful poem. I loved it and so did my boyfriend!
Your poem was awesome you did a wonderful job writting it. Please continue writting because you have such a great talent:)
whoever you are deeplyfelt, you have a great talent and i can relate with what you are saying. always keep in touch with your emotions and you'll always have great poems like this
I really like this poem. You are very talented i would love to beable to write poems like this one.
"One can not love with out being lost and can't loose with out once being loved," When you said that in your poem, it was awesome! That is a great philosophy keep on writing poems I am sure you will go far!
I like the poem because it says things that are very true and very related to me.
Awesome, truly awesome.
this poem is wonderful it relates well with the way i'm sure my ex-girlfriend is feeling

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