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I broke up with my boyfriend and as soon as I did it I realized that it was a mistake. I wrote him this poem to describe how I feel.

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I know how you feel because I'v just messed up with my boyfriend and I'd do anything to make it right. I love him and I hope he really knows that.
see im going though tha to with my ex man so you kno tha i had to vote for this and i hope in the future all get back together and start brand new just like im doin
omg gurl i love your poem it reminds me of me an dmy ex gabriel i still love him and everything in ur poem is true exactly wat happend w me and him except this is my forth chance i going to read this poem to him today and see wat he says i just left him aon saturday an dive been tring to get him back so hopefully we will be back together by this weekend love alwayz cheyenne
this was great considerin me and my bf broke up we were engaged and he got confused and didnt know to chose me or his ex and so im single and hes single and im trying to get him back

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I Want You Back

you were always there for me
always by my side
I guess I couldn't see
with out you I just can't abide

those times I loved the most
were just talking with you
who would've known
now I'm all alone
and all I can do is think of you

I loved it when you held me
all safe and warm
I felt no harm could touch me
in your strong protecting arms

but then I messed up
I really don't know why
with you I broke up
and now I am sorry

all I want, is a second chance
I understand that's not easy to do
even if you won't give me a glance
I want you to know,
I'll always love you

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I love your poem, the poem reminds me about my ex boy friend, but we are still not together. I give your poem a thumbs up all the way!
i like this poem cause it itouched me cause i can relate to this and u did good writing this
i love this poem its just what i have been thinkin but coudnt put into words and now i see u did its so good luv it
I really like it reminded me of well my ex now he broke up with me because of his mom and dad didn't trust me and I just wont him back. thanks and I love the poem
I loved it Im in tha same situation forreal and Im goin to give it to him thanks for the poem
i loved it it shows how much you really do care about someone it has been let out thank you for writing this it really hit the spot it tells all about what i feel
gurl i feel what u sayin but mine a little diffrent the boy he had broke up with me because i told him i cheated on himand we broke and i want him back but i dont know if i can have him back because of what ive done
this happen to me like 3 or 4 months ago because i wanted this one boy back and now i really wan't him back. so this a good poem. this is for my ex Raymond James:(
hey, i like your poem. you had done a great job on this. my ex-boyfriend and i broke up and now he wants to get back together, and he felt bad when we broke up he said i believed it cuz it showed. we're into the same sports and do some of the same sports and it was good till track season came thats when it was different between us,well any who. keep up the good poems and send some to me if ya can. i'ma sendin this to him. he loves poems as much as i do.
i was wit this 1 particular guy that always stood by my side, we finished grade skool together den we said good-bye 2-each other it broke my heart to know he loved me but we had to part. I LOVE IT
i really do no were u r comin from on thiz poem. even thought it'z simple the wordz and the way u describe our problem iz so deep i love it
It was a good poem. It was also very deep and touching
i feel your pain i did that before i waz wit dis guy n i broke up wit him 4 no reason now i want him back
this is a really great poem. i just broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months then i realized i made a mistake. i sent him this poem and hopefully we will be back together
i love this poem
i liked this poem it made me think of ma x tony lol wellz it was nice n koo
This poems is really touched me because I can't stop think about my ex-boyfriend even if we are not together. Every night and day I always thinking about him and wodering if he thinks about me . I really want him back REALLY bad.
This poem is realy good. i can relate because that what i did to this guy named jack he was my world and i moved and it was real hard doing a long distant relationship.
you know im only 15 i was with this boy for almost 1 1/2 years ok and i cheated on him. n he told me i broke his heart n he could not forgive me that he would still say hi but could not forgive me this poem makes me bring back so many memories i love it when i talk to him on the phone i want to cry because i hear is voice n i cant have him back idk what i should do i messed up on my first true love and i will never forget that ever "i love you vonte" thats my # 1 baby i just wish he would give me a second chance ive changed since then n i havnt really had a serious boyfriend since him n prolly wont
I loved this poem it really touched me! i knw exactly how u feel, b-cuz i have been their too!
This poem mean lot to me because me and my feoncay broke up and i love him he just don't know it
This poems is so true b/c I lost a loved one for a mistake I made and now I'm trying to get over it even though it's hard for me to say goodbye
There was a time in my life when i thought that i wanted my ex-boyfriend back. But then i realized that he wasnt worth the trouble so i moved on. But for a moment in my life i felt the same way you do now.
Because I can really relate to it so much that it hurts to read it but I really like it
Hey, I absolutely love your poem. I broke up with my boyfriend of 14 months. I am regretting it. I still love him. I miss him so much. I can relate to this poem and it is how I feel about my ex-boyfriend. Hopefully once he clears his mind, he will give me a second chance.
i really like this poem because i did the exact thing i had no reason to breack up with him but now he is with someone else and it tares me up inside he says he still loves me and he wants to go back wit me but he dont want to get hurt and know the table is turned and i am getting hurt
i loved this poem. it reminded me about my ex-boyfriend who is 14 and im 17 and he still likes me after being with my best friend boyfriend. keep writing poems about lovers.
This was a great one.
this is the bast poem i ever read i know how u feel
This is a great Poems. it reminds me of my self. If your patient and give everything time. It will work out for the best Thats what i did. Great Poem.
This poem is AMAZING. i voted for others, but this one is awesome. Like this is how i feel. thank you so much. i think im gonna show my exboyfriend(3 years we were together) and show him how i feel. great job with this poem!
yOu Go GiRl I lOvE yOuR pOeM i AcTuAlLy CoPy It AnD gIvE iT tO mY eX bEaCaUsE i WaNtEd To GeT bAcK wItH hIm AnD yOu KnOw WhAT hE gAvE mE a SeCoNd ChAnCe ThAnKs
the poem was so good. i just broke up with my boyfriend. and it really makes u think. you are a great writer
This poem has to be the best poem ive read. Jessica you have such a way with words. I personally lost a love like that and wished for a second chance and reading this poem really moved me. Thank you for helping me realize im not the only one going through such situtation.
Hey girl this poem relly touched me. It reminded me about wat i did to me ex-boyfriend. just keep up the good work.
i no how u feel i have just done the same thing to you and im in tears of it i cant help ma self but love him its so hard i no wat u wen through
this poem is awesome, i love it!
i can really relate to your poem. keep up the good work
i love this poem, it relates to me and my ex b/f perfectly, it really touched me deep down and i think its great.
i loved it i fell just like that rigt now i lost te one love it hasnt even been a day ad im lost with out him i sit hear and cry. all i can do is hop an dpry that he will come back to me no mater what i say.
this poem really touched me as i saw my ex boyfriend today and he smiled at me and i thought to my self what have i lost!
OMG i totally know exactly how u feel! I broke up with my boyfriend and now hes all i think about . lol .
this is how i felt about my x tell i found out he cheated on me with my best girl friend.
Hi this is Joyce. And i read your poem. It really made my heart melt. Cause I just broke up with my boyfriend today and the only reason why i did that is because my family and friends was telling me stuff and i believed it. And he told me that all i do is believe what my family and friends say. and i don't know. he started crying over the phone and it tore me up. But I didn't know what to do. but there you go . WHAT DO I DO NOW????????
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