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This is a poem about a boy that I go to school with. I have had a crush on him for 3 years, and we have become really good friend. I am scared that if we move onto the next level of love we will loose our friendship - and that is a life-altering thing when you are 17 years old.

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awEsOme pOem!. it reaLLy reminDs me wHen i wAs a 4th yEar high scHoOL. i havE a cRuSh on a gUy. thOugh i kNow he cAnt faLL for mE. he cant bE minE. saD bUt tRue!
i luvvvvvv iiiiiiiiiittttttttt!
Oh my word this poem is so true to so many girls. hand in there angel some day he'll realise that you do have feelings for him. i felt the same way about my best guy friend mat i've known him for 11 years i love him so much but just some friendships are so much better then relationships. . . keep your head up love and remember no man is worth your tears and the one who is wont make you cry! love ya
this poem describes how i feel aboout this guy[one of my bff]. i'v known him like 4ever, but i can never tell him dat i lke him becasue i'm afraid if i tell him he would treat me differently or tellin him would ruin our friendship. i've lwayzz planned 2 tell him, but i rlly dont hav d guts 2. dis poem is the best poem that i've ever read

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I Know I Can't Have You

Everything was simple
Everything was fine
I knew I couldn't have you
And I knew why

I tried to move on
I dated other guys
But then we'd hang out
And I knew, to myself I lied.

You noticed me drifting
You said "please explain"
But, I didn't want to loose you
So, I tried to deal with the pain.

It's hard to be with you
It gets harder each day
When I look in your eyes
I feel my body floating away

I miss the way it used to be
You don't feel the change
You don't know I really love you
I'm sure to you, it's just a game

As I close my eyes tonight
I'll pray as I was taught to do
I'll pray that you realize that
I love you, but I can't have you

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I loved this poem it is so true i have the same relationhip with a friend of mine. I have had a crush on him for three years and we are now very very close friends.
I love this poem, because it expresses just how i feel. i really like this guy but i cant have him-he doesnt have the same beliefs as me. i wish it didnt matter but it does, beause my faith in god isnt about a routine every sunday it affects all my choices in life and how i treat others- he wud never understand this part of me, a big part of me. Therefore i shouldnt really go out with him. it wudnt be good for me. yet i want him to know. o love is so tireing and complex
I actually sat down at the computer today to Google up a poem, lyrics, anything that would help me get through a problem much like your own. In your simple, sweet poem, my heart went 'twang' and I know now, I can get through this. Thank you.
I like this guy. a LOT, but we barely even know each other, and I KNOW he'd never go for me. he could go for any girl he wants! Anyways, he's got a girl that is WAY more worthy of him than me. and I can't even hate her for it becaus EI love her as much as he does. Anyways. it always helps to read poems like this. Thanks!
this poem made me think of the love i had for one of my good friends but i counldnt have him because he had someone elas
I Luved LuVed LovEd it! Awesum waii of expressin urself! I LUVED LUVED LOVED it!
very weldone, im gointh though the same thing but with a girl. so i can understand.
i think this poem is sooo. good
this poem is a great poem i love it is realy good to me
I love this poem! I am going through this exact same thing with a guy right now. I am a poet myself, but sometimes I just want to read, not write. Anyway, thank you very much.
this peom touched me it really did thank you for writting this
I really loved this poem i have the same exact thing happening with me and a few other guys at mi skool ahhhh. Mariah Borjon 100 out of a 10
great poem!
that was great i fell like that some times to
omg princess i absoloutly loved your poem because it describes my relashion ship to but instead of loving them 4 three years i have known him since pre-school and i love him so much but i couldnt go out with him and he doesnt know i love it him but to make it worse i am kinnda goin out with his friend but i love him but i cant tell him it sux i wrote a poem to but i cant put mine on sites because there not good enough well i just wanna let u know u touched me with ure poem i love it maybe . if u love sum one u should tell them because u neva know they mite like u back . xoxox KiMmI
i love this poem its so true there is a guy named dustin that i really love in i no i can never have him but i hope one day he will reallise how much i love him!
omfg i luv this poem so much. it is so true about this kid tht i like!i luv u 4 makin this poem. even tho i dont no u but thts okay! n is this like about some1 u like in like real life or juss somthin u made
hey this is just like me, there is a boy we are good friends but i also like him a lot and i know that i want have him b/c of that is my x-boyfriend friend and i know i couldn't have him b/c it would destory there friendship and maybe ours too. and now i found out my best used 2 go with him and now i know i couldn't have him b/c of that now all i can do is just look at him now as i good friend. And i love ur poem it is very much like what i'm going turn right now. but continue on gurl writting ur poems,ur a good poet.
I know how you feel, I'm 17 too and in the same situation. I feel he likes me but I just don't have the courage to find out. Good luck!
this poem is so cute i could really realte myself to it if i had read it last year cuz i was in the same situation
Hey, your poem was amazing & I can completly relate. There is a guy I like and we're the best of friends and as much as I want to be with him I don't want to risk the friendship.
I Liked This Poem. I Was Feeling Down At The Time Thinking about this boy who is a mate but i wish was something more as well. But he has a girlfriend!. Its so confussing because i know im only young but still. And also when me and him are alone we have to bestest times together!x And He has told me he is falling for me 2. but then a couple of days ago i went out with my mates and he was there with his girlfriend and he was sooo horrible to me and them to was all other each other. i wanted to world to eat me!
This poem touched me becoz Im also facing the same problem but I cant say I will not have him becoz I am praying that I do get him
Wow! This is exactly how i feel about the guy i like, except, now he knows i like him, were still really good friends.
This is a really good poem it means a lot to me that someone out there feels the exact same way as i do.
thats sad. hopefully you can get around that situation and try to move the friendship a level up. i know how you are feeling. trust me! ~mary~
i love this poem it really really touched me i have the same problem with a kid at me school and i love him to death but i have known him sence elementry school i love this kid and you poem really really really really really really touched me! thank you very much
This poem really touched me! It sounds exactly how i feel now!
I really liked this poem. It reminded me of a poem I wrote about an ex boyfriend of mine.
great. really great
wow i love that poem it explains exactly how i feel about a guy right now thankyou so much for letting me know im not the only person who feels like that. you are a wonderful poet.
awww. i love your poem. its so tounches. so yeah. keep it up. bye
This is a beautiful poem. its great
i like this poem it remind me of this guy and i now i wondern if i could have him
i love your poem. it's like a reflection of the situation that i am living right now. Princess you are the BEST poet writter ever!
This poem really touched my heart. Because it's like a reflection of my life. I really like a special person but I know I can't have that person. It really hurts deep inside and knowing that other people feel the same way as I do makes me feel much better. I love your poem!
this is such a good poem. omg i can relate to this one hundred and ten percent. good job to the writer. amazing talent, i love to write as well and i really like this one!
Dearest, I am in your same position. Except I have dated this guy. and I love him with all my heart. And I know he doesnt like me the way he wants me to, but since i have broken up with him i have done a lot of stupid stuff. And it has been 3 1/2 years! So dont feel bad hunnie. i know what you are going through. just take time. and you will get through this!
this poem really meant alot considering i can relate to it b/c im just now going through the same
I really liked your poem. I love a boy i can't have and we did go out but he cheated on me but i can't help loving him. Even though he has hurt me, i just can't stop loving him!
it's very frank and concise.
I really like ur poems there so nice and true. Im really heart and ur poeams make me better
i loved this poem, i feel the same way, he was my first bf and he broke my heart but i still love him and its so hard to date other guys, cuz i love him so much
I think your poem is very touching, I nearly cried. I know what it's like loving someone. Keep up the good work
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