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Teenage Love Poems

Teenage Love Poems

Some people think of Teen Love and smile. It's not real love, they say. Puppy Love, they call it. Those people, I think, have very short memories, and no longer recall the realities of their first love experiences. While few expect teen love to last a lifetime, that hardly makes it less real. Half or more of all adult love doesn't last a lifetime either.

Teen love is very real. And powerful. Perhaps at no other time in our lives are the joys and pains felt as strongly, or experienced more deeply. Who among us, after all, can ever forget our first love?

Teenage Love Poems (1-25)

  • by Angel Baby
    It's not always easy to say, especially amidst troubles, but it almost always seems to help.
  • by Preppie
    We can fool ourselves for a time, and we often do. But only for a time.
  • by tatum
    Life, we know, is full of choices. And so, too, is Love.
  • by ShoeBowl
    Sometimes we think that we know someone, only to discover they are a total different person.
  • by Jamie Nelson
    Maturity isn't always measured by age. And sometimes, two people of the same age may feel very different things.
  • by Lesley W.
    From friendship to more than friends. And then, back again.
  • by Richard LeGault
    Doesn't the term "First Love" convey, almost by definition, that there will be a next?
  • by Fire Dancer
    When reality fails us, at least we still have our dreams
  • by Dee
    Fears of rejection should never hold us back. But, sadly, they often do.
  • by Jennifer Souza
    Love is a teeter-totter, with shared love the greatest high in life, and unreturned love the worst possible low.
  • by Bobby Lincoln
    There is perhaps no greater frustration than caring when you really don't want to care.
  • by Morgan Le Fay
    The human heart is a fragile vessel, especially when it overflows with love.

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Teenage Love Poems continued

  • by Erin Howley
    Perhaps the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.
  • by Danielle Hodgkins
    Sometimes, the only thing harder than meeting the man of your dreams is losing him.
  • by Love
    Some things are too powerful to say in haste.
  • by Stephanie
    When love and friendship join hands, there can be no stronger bond.
  • by Cara Marie
    The loss of someone special raises many questions, but offers few answers.
  • by Cantera
    Sometimes we get the one we want - only to discover we were wrong.
  • by Kevin West
    What cannot be simply cannot be. Unless, perhaps, you're willing to wait.
  • by Alex Chasse
    Sometimes, a meaningful poem can only be answered by another poem.
  • by Marie Lavigne
    Though we lose much, there are some thing that can never be taken from us.
  • by Amber Smith
    Is there anything in the world worse than being ignored?
  • by Phillip Landrey
    Where there is love, there is pain. Where there is life, there is hope.
  • by Diane Peterson
    Life is full of difficult choices. And when we don't make them quickly enough, they are often made for us.
  • by Gibs
    By definition, there can only be one "first" kiss. Right?
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