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I wrote this poem after my first month at a new school. It's about the disposition of the people who I met.

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oh how true! i have been to pirvate school then public school then homeschool then public school again and next year i will be goin to the same private school. so yes i have been around the block a couple of times and i have fear the people i will encounter next year cause i didnt have alot of friends the first go around. i pray that doesnt happend again. thank you for bein such a good writer!
omg I know how u feel. I moved twice this year and thats exactly how i was treated. *2 thumbs up*
I just loved it and how you expressed the fact on how you just tried to focus on what you thought.

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On Display

A room of two-way mirrors is my fate,
with strangers looking at me,
dissecting my body and mind
with their cold eyes
and even colder words.
Forced to deal with their cynical
views of those that surround me.
They entrap me in their webs of self- consciousness.

But -
despite the empty stares,
and demeaningly harsh words,
I untangle myself from their webs of destroyed dreams.
Then, I break the two-way mirrors
they watch my every move with.
I did not receive a spider bite,
or a cut from the broken glass.
Instead, I find myself in a world of refugees,
like me.

They, too, escaped their dooms.
Together we work at rebuilding
ourselves into the people we once were;
the people we admired before.

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i loved how you compared the spider's webs to the people who are pulling you down. just remember, stay strong and don't let them tear you apart even though it feels like its you against the world. Jesus will always be there for you no matter what! i love your attitude when you wright. its so. inspiring!
hey, i loved how u were saying how its hard but then you started talking abuot how to change it and thats really encouraging that you wanted to break out of it. and i agree with ashlee, Jesus is always there which i can say from experiance. :)
I just wanted to say I love this poem a lot. I move every year and I have to always be the "new girl" and it really is bad. and I always manage to get though it, but it's not fun. dads in the miltiary.
very thrue(first day of highschool was exactly like that) but after that first hour mirrors werent the only things i wanted to break
I understand where you are coming from. i have been to over 300 schools moving all the time,before anyways, but through it all i had a friend that would never turn his back!Jesus! As you as well do.
you go girl if i had time i would talk but i feel you as we say today
cannibal barbie
this poem was good. i am always moving around from school to school and every1 thinks it will be erasy because u can have a fresh start but its harder than it seems so thanx for writing a poem that shows how hard it really is.
Wow, reminds me of highschool. And a girl I met there. Kristen
I really liked this poem. I also transfered to a new school and it's been six months since i've been here . my first day wasn't that great, you have noone to talk to and all eyes are on the "new person"
Very good poem, I understand what you are saying!
that was a very beautiful poem. i fell i can relate to it keep up the great writing
Wow, Kristen what a heartfelt desription of how you feel in relation to your peers. I am specialising in teaching teenagers and truly belive that a mutual understanding of each other is the key to a fruitflu learning relationship. Thank you for honest, open and realistic portayal of your feelings.

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