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An evocation of how we often feel as though we are possessors of multiple personalities. Touches on teen angst and how difficult it is for teenagers to form a sense of a stable identity in today's fast-paced, stressful, lacking-in-morals world.

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This poem was very touching i give it two thumbs up
I love this poem so much is the best thing I have ever read in the whole world you shoul dwrite more and another one like this
i really like it. I can relate to it a lot
i love u. its easy for me to say this because i dont no u but when i read this poem i wished i had written because then people might not judge me. they dont no me and you've captured this feeling perfectly, though its short and sweet i completely agree with everything u said

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Two People In One

Two people in one,
one happy, one sad,
Two sides of me,
one mad and one glad.

There's only one side
I try to let show;
my feelings inside
the others don't know.

I'm two people in one,
as strange as that sounds,
the real me inside
no one has found.

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u did so good i feel your feelings in this poem
It is good do more like this!
Thi spoem ahs touched me a great deal. i often feel as two people where living inside of me and both want to get out. thanks.
its a really great poem. i relate to it.
Sound a lot like me.
your poem reminds me of myself for example my mom doesn't know the real me as the saying goes "we all wear mask"
This poem has really touched me thats how I feel
The poem actually touched me, because it describes how I feel.
good poem. ! hope i can write a poem like that one day
I loved it
This poem is exactly how i feel and i luv it,i might have to copy this but i will surely give you all the credit you did ya thang keep it up!
I love this poem it relates to me in so many ways. It's true and is cool how you put it down.
i loved it because i feel the exact same way about myself, i'm gonna use it for poem in your pocket day! dont worry i'll tell them you wrote it
I give it a 7 out 0f 10
I liked this poem because it makes sense. Everybody has two different people that lurk within them, but most people only meet half. The first half is coverup for how you want people to see you or understand your way of life, and the second is only shared with people special to you
That just makes me feel so calm. It makes free from everything around me.
this poem was very true about me. I can relate to this poem, because i feel like I'm two people in one.
I really like this poem. I think the rhyming in the 1st stanza sounds a little forced but that doesn't hinder how great i think the poem is :) I can really relate to it. I recently wrote a poem about being almost two people and being all messed up and stuff, so this is why I like it. Keep writing yeah?
I have just moved to a new city and im just coming out of homeschool so i can totally relate to that feeling of loneliness like no one is really trying to get to know the person inside of you. Mic Finger, writing poems is your thing!
this poem really got me. Right now im going through that sorta thing in my life. It's comforting to know that there are other people in the world that are going through the same thing. thx for expressing!
I feel like you do and its so hard. People dont know that i hurt when i smile and smile when i hurt.
u have probably heard this a million times but that poem is great it has depth and meaning to it and i can relate to it and its just great.
i liked it. a lot. the writer rocks is he or she wrote that poem. truly awesome. and i feel the same way.
i loved it. it was very good. it's good to know their are other people who feel the same way i do.
This poem did really touch me. it really got me thinking about hiding your feelings and in essence yourself from everyone you know and love - i believe that's the mark of a great poem!
this poem reminded me a lot about myself. It is a mellow poem on a deep topic. i liked it a lot. i found it when i was just looking around on pages and this was the first prem i found and it really helps me. it describes a lot of the feelings in a lor of people. thanks for sharing. RJ
wow. this poem is really good. i totally relate to how you are feeling
Very nice poem, I can relate to it alot. Well done.
thank you so much this is just what I needed, I hve been feeling this way for awile I just needed someone to put it into words
I agree with the rest, IT WAS THE BEST! It Really touched me, My Friends don't really know who I am.
the reason i like this poem is Because i know what it is like to not have anybody who knows the real you not even by bff knows the real me
This poem really does touches me on the inside. I thought I was the only one who had felt this way. I want to thank you for writing this poem.
This poem is really deep and makes you think about you and that you do have 2 sides and people never see or know your feelings and what you think inside head. I really like this poem!
OH MY GOD! your poem made chills run down my spine i have never read anything that reminded me soo much of the way i feel. I have never been able to capture that exact feeling the way you did!
This is a good poem. Around certain people i can't let my other emotions show through. It's hard for me sometimes but now i know i'm not the only one going through it.
I think your poem prefectly puts into words how I have felt all of my life, I could just never put how I felt into words as beautifully as you did. Thank you.
that was very good. and it sound alike like myself.
i love this it sounds like me and i wish i was talented enough to write a poem as good as this i just love it
I cant really describe why I liked this poem, it just touched me, you know?
This is a true inspirational poem.
i love this poem it is exactly how i feel!
This poem describes me more than anything Iíve ever read or heard. "Two people in one" is the perfect phrase to explain my mixed-up situation. However, this may be an explanation that requires an explanation. It doesnít seem fair sometimes, that I have this other side of me that does not let me voice what I really think and feel, or what I really want to do. Itís as if I was born with the major birth defect of having two brains. One brain is my sad, thoughtful, more cynical and sarcastic self, and the other brain holds the part of me that doesnít really think very far into things, and absolutely refuses to be anything but happy and content. The last two lines in the poem resonate inside my head more than any of the other statements the author makes. He says, "the real me inside, no one has found." I feel like the part of me that is kept private is the real me, not my stupidly happy outward self. If I describe myself as sarcastic to someone, especially someone here at STA, no one believes me, they think Iím joking. I suppose Iím describing my inner half, the one I had back in grade school without my giddy shell. I like the private part of me, the old me, so much better than my stupid self, I donít think itís fair that I canít control which side of me is displayed.
your poem was really good and alot of people feel that way.
I feel like it was me who wrote this peom. This is how I feel I just needed to hear it Iguess. Boricua
gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood i love it
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