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A couple of years ago, I went through a transitional period of my life. It was as if all of a sudden everything around me had fallen apart. I had been living in a sort of dream world where I though nothing could hurt me. Then something did.

I lost my bestest friends in the whole world, everyone who I though was there for me somehow betrayed me. It made me grow up more than I would have liked in the time span of a few months. I wrote this poem, because writing has always been a sort of escape for me.

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that really touched me because u basicly described me im 15 and never had a childhood. but u have afuture in this poem writing ceep doin yo thang gurl. much love me.
it bring tear to my eye i love it you inspire me to start writing poerty agean
I really really admired your piece of writing. it reminds me of my life right now. All my friends have betrayed me and constantly leave me hanging. My whole life i have been told by tons of people that they love me but then they have ALL hurt me in some way---in other words---my life has been built up of lies! Your poem really helped to express that. I am a poet as well and you have amazing talent. You have ALOT of potential to be one of the greatest writers there is. I love how your poem rhymed and had an easy flow. very fluent with words. overall, I absolutely loved it and I hope to read more of your writing.
This poem is great. I understand the writer since I have gone through this myself. After having a car hit me, I was hospitalized and my friends from school would visit me. As soon as I joined highschool though, they seemed to go away into their own little world since we attended different schools. I keep in touch with about half my friends but I never saw this coming. Starting at a new school, I had to look for new friends and it was hard on my freshmen year. Now I am happy to have the bestest friends that will never leave me behind.

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End Of Innocence

Secrets, secrets
Lies, lies
She sits in her room,
and cries and cries.
There's no more trust
In this girl's heart.
She finally found out
That life isn't perfect.
She lived in dreams,
As children often do.
But she crawled out
Into the world everyone knew.
Things that once were.
Happiness once known;
The truth of it all
To her was shown.
Her little heart
Will never trust again.
She'll never know
A real true friend.
No more trust,
For no more lies.
She'll sit in her room
And cry and cry

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after reading through some poems, i stumble on this one because I can relate to the beginning of a harsh world and the loss of true happiness and childhood illusions
that is a relly nice poem and i loved it so much
Trisha Nicole
I really loved your poem. I relate to it well. I thought i was the only one out their.
welll this poem rockz. very meaning full to me. love it gal
I think that was so real and it's true because sometimes I feel like that. Like life is not what it seems and sometimes I cry for the same reason.
I love this poem. i feel everyone has decieved me at one point or another. i dont know. maybe its me. but i truly love this poem
wow i really liked your poem cuz its what ive been throgh, it is hard to trust people now. keep wrighting youre very good!
I know what you are goin through. we all go through it EVENYUALLY. u may ask now. Why me God??But in the end you will realize it was for your own good to realize who your true friends are!
wow! this poem is so true! im 15 years old and reading this poem explains exactly what its like to be a teenager! i love this poem Christina! you have a really good understanding! :D
This poem's soo true! i feel like that at times, i dont usually like poem's but this one's wicked:)
La Toya
I am truely sorry that you had to go through that but i went through a stage where i felt the same way. i didn't loss my friends and they didn't lie to me but in many ways we went through the same thing. that was a great poem and i hope things have goten better.
i really like this poem i can relate to it good job keep up the good job! xx
hello i liked your poem a lot. i also used to think that i cannot trust anyone anymore, but then i found that when i do not trust anyone life feels very lonely. "do i trust some and get fooled by phoniness or do i trust none and live in loneliness?" -by myself, linkin park. i thought that it is better to take the risk than to feel lonely and alone. so i think that maybe you should try to learn to trust others again, even though i know it will take sometime for you to heal. but it cetainly is better than being lonely. just make sure that you choose who youre going to trust carefully. someone who is worth the risk! :)
wow. i really like this poem. i feel like it speaks for me and so many girls that i know. the end of my innocence came at the ripe young age of 12 when my twin brother betrayed my trust in a very deadly and harmful way (for him). and i know what you mean by poetry being an escape. i find it's always easier to write poetrywhen things are going wrong. it just lets you let go of those feelings in a nondestructive way. great job, and keep writing.
This was an amazing poem. i loved it!
your poem was great keep writing!
I loved your poem. I can relate to it a lot.
i love this poem its exactly how i feel and sometimes i cant find words to describe the way i feel and it feels good when you can read poetry and feel that you have finaly found the words to explain the pain you feel.
i like the poem because it reminded me of things that i am going though right now. i think that everyone that reads this will feel what you ment.
this poem was so well writen and made me feel like it was accualy happenig to me
i really liked the poem. spl because it reflects the reality of life. showing life is not a dream
i really liked this poem it was touching and you really understand greatly. keep writing god has blessed you in many ways and the older you get don't forget what you wrote cause some adults seem too.
Christina I thought your poem was beautiful, I loved it. This is my first time on this site, I write poems myself and a friend told me about this site. Your poem was lovely! Courtney
I really like this poem because this is the way i feel many of times.
reading this poem for me wasn't what i would say a thrill, no don't get me wrong i really liked it. i feel just like the girl in the poem . i too have gone through something that was like a punch in my face i thougtht that i had people that loved me but when i needed them it seemed as if everyone betrayed me. they say they will always be there but don't realize that i just want them to leave, they say they know when i'm sad but they can't possible know because i am always sad and if they knew they would know that when i needed them they would've been on my side insteade of on the opposite end of the river. well i just thought i would let you know your not the only one that feels that way and your a great poet
wow. this is good it really touched me becuase alot of people i have put all faith in ahve blown it up in my face, but what i found out which was lucky is that in mist of darkness there will ALWAYS be some one to take you back to the light, its just you have to find that person. but great poem, the structure and the way you used the words to hit people emotionaly is really very affective. well any way a very good poem
Your poem was great you described emotions perfecty. I'm glad someone truly understands.
I feel that this poem is extremely true. The emotions in this poem are just so real, and it's touching because most kids do cry when they find out there is more to life that the joy you get. I love this poem.
Emotional, I feel the same sometimes. Every goes in and out of hell. Keep writing.
I felt as if this Poem was speaking for more then just the reasons Christina said above maybe not for herself but other girls out there. From loss of virginity(the hard way or just physically taken advantage of and lied to) to friends hurting you to realizing you had'nt been prepared for the world and were going to be forced to learn it all by yourself without the help your parents could have provided. This poem Speaks out for me too, and I am sure it speaks for alot of other girls out there as well. ~trying to figure out this life~
I loved this poem i even saved it to my favorites on aol. I felt moved by this pom for it relates to my life.
this poem made me feel like you was talkin about me. my life has turned so many angles. i have been writting poetry for the longest time now, and they have all mostly been about the same idea. your poem was really good and i hope you get big in the poetry industry. i am sure it'll make people rely on it. i know it did me. good luck sweety!
WOW! I loved your poem and I can really relate when you say that writting has always been an escape, the only difference is that i find it difficualt to write when things arent going well. but i really enjoyed what you wrote it's great stuff!
i know exactly how you feel! your poem was a good one!
About a year ago I went through the exact same things with a group of friends and this poem helps me realize I'm not the only one who feels adulthood snuck up on me from behind.
it was awesome
THis Poem rocked. it speaks the truth and that is what makes it so unique.
This was a very good poem. Straight to the point and very direct. decent.
This poem took me back to see from a child's point of view of how this vast new world is cruel to them when they break out of their shell. Thank you for helping me remember that. =)
it was very very good i like it alota
i loved you poem it was terific and just sweet
i really liked this poem
I loved your poem it goes with my life perfectly. Which isnt a good thing. But o'well.
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