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My grandfather passed away on June 4, 1999. He was the first person that was close to me that I have lost. He was 81 years old and a very great man. He will be missed by many. This poem comes from my heart and is inspired by how much I miss him already.

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This poem is really touching. I lost my grandpa some time ago and I still miss him.
nawwww! you made me cry! i never got to met my grandfather but i know he still loves me! he died 12. 04. 94 and i was born 17. 07. 94! every monet is persious every one says i look like him, and he would have loved me so much! i wish he was still here! your peom is touching i know how you feel
This Poem Really Touched Me Cuz Everything Your Talkin About Is Exactlly What Am Goin Though
hi melissa you poem tuched me my gramps just past away june 17 he is the only one who kept me alive

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Goodbye Gramps

Today something happened that I thought never would.
I wish it could be undone, oh, if it only could.

I realize the memories I've made will be all there is.
My grandfather's memories, mine and his.

See, my grandfather passed away today and will never be back.
And now it's moments with him that I will sadly lack.

He won't be here to see me get my license or my car.
See me go to prom or graduate, because he is so far.

But I guess he's in a better place.
He resides in Heaven, and is surrounded by God's grace.

Now he can watch over me throughout the night and day.
And I can pretend that he's not really away.

He can stay with me in a place inside my heart.
And of me, he can still be a part.

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This poem is how I felt about my grandpa. he died in August 2005. He was the one who was there for me. I wish I could of spent more time with him. He will guide me through life as it comes my way. He is my guardian, protector, and friend. He is missed on this earth but life goes on. I enjoyed reading this poem.
Well, when I read this poem it touched my heart! Mostly because, when my grandpa died I felt so sad too! So I know how the writer feels. I wrote so many poems too when my grandfather past away! Theres never a day I live without thinking about him, and how much I miss and care about him! I just want to tell the writer that I loved her poem! Melissa. your a great poet, so keep at it! Good Luck!
really really good poem!
I felt that I could really connect to this poem because I too lost my grandmother. it sucks knowing you cant talk to them ever again. it feels better knowing that their are other teens going through this-not just me.
I loved this poem it really touched me. I had a grandfather who passed away too, I was very close to him and I would do anything to bring him back.
my grandpa past away in a car accident this year and i found this poem and it is exactly how i feel every word of it i started to cry knowing that he will never be here to see me in all the things u mentiond in the poem
oh wow that really got to me my grandpa died too years ago and that just brought back so many memories and im so sorry for the loss of your grandpa its Hard but u put it into an amazing poem It definitly was a tear jerker I know exactly how you feel. and man i feel ur pain
this poem said everything i wanted to says when my grandad died a couple of months a go it had me in tears reading it
This poem really relates to me because I just lost my grandfather last month and I still hurts but I know that he is here in sprit.
OMG. i love this poem. it has all the emotions and feelings i had when my grandfather passed away. it was actually two months today. GREAT JOB.
AWW. I like it and pluse my granpa passed away to so i know how that feels
This means alot to everyone that reads it because I lost my gramps to and I know how you feel about him never being able to see you do all the thing that you had wanted him to see!
Love it! It really touched me!
I liked this piece because you see I have just lost my grandpa recently and this poems tells exactly how I feel and how I felt last week whne I first lost him.
my grandpa just passed away today 2/23/06 and i already miss him this poem touches me so much thank you for writing it
hey melissa i thought ur poem was gr8! i had my grandads funeral on thursday and wen i red ur poem it reminded me of my grandad so much. it also helped me realise he will still be able to watch me and i know that he will be proud of me wen i am older so thanks xx
i like your poem because it talks about a person that you dearly loved and lost and i lost somebody that i dearly love and i lost too.
i can relate to this i lost my grandpa on May 20,2005. 4 days after his birthdayand i didnt go see him on it so i felt so bad. and i felt the same way u did he was the closest person to me and i lost it when they told me.
That poem really touched me because thats how i felt when my grandpa died
i relly liked your poem, i know how it feels to lose someone that you really love and care about, cause when my aunt had died it was hard for me to even try in go on with my life, even though i already knew that she was in a better place, but it just hard and i really do understand
I love this poem, its simply a great way to feel better about a loss of a person that meant alot. I just lost my Papa, and this made me feel better for a moment, and that moment gave me time to feel something else but sad, so I am grateful, for it!
i like your poem a lot. i have never lost anyone to death so i won't sit here and tell you that i see where you're coming from but i do feel your pain i have lost people really close to me. you are super duper and i hope you feel better soon.
I would like to vote for this poem because I lost my granpa too and well I just thought that this poem explained I how felt.
hi,my name is candice and when i read this poem it brought tears 2 my eyes because my grandfather past away when i was nine about five years ago january 28 and it broke my heart because i was so close 2 him and i love this poem it will alway be my favorite because it brings back all the memories of my grandfather
this poem and all the poem from this site touched my heart and i know many more people will be touched
this a very good poem and made me think of me and my grandpa.
this poem is wonderful. my grandad passed away 2 weeks ago very suddenly and i am heart broken. i am glad that some one has written a poem about their grandad as they are very important parts of our lives!
I really like this poem, it reminds me of when my grandfather passed away. I also wrote two poems for him. I really miss him.
this was a really goo poem an my grandfather died when i was just a lil kidd and i didnt realyy get to know him but i wish i did. and when we talk about him i have nothingg to say cause inever really knew him but i knew he was a great person adn i know he loved me very much and i wish he was still hear and could see me do all those things in ur poem and im truelyy sorry for your loss!
I like this poem b/c my papa passed away and he was 64. He passed from a rare type of cancer. But this poem really touched me. It made me cry and this happened in January of this year. So i just want the girl that wrote this to know that its not only her it touched but me and more than likely many others out there just like us. Just remember he may be gone in life but he is still their in spirit
this touched me and i used it at my grandfathers funeral i really liked it and it was very touching
Great poem. I totally understand the feelings and emotions of it. I've felt that pain.
i loved this poem! i know how she feels!
my grandfather died sunday and this really touched me because it explains my feelings.
it's unexplainable My grandpa pasted away about a month ago and reading that made me cry! So thanx Melissa
I love this poem because I lost my grandma a couple of years ago and she won't get to see me graduate or anything. Love your poem.
great poem really meaningful
I love ur poem. My granddaddy was the closest thing to me, and he just died about 5 months ago. Ur poem reminded me that he's always with me in my heart. Thanx 4 writing this gr8 poem. Keep up the good work.
this poem is really good.
My grandfather passed away about 3 years ago, because of cancer. I know how you feel, and greatly feel your loss. Your poem was really great, and it showed how you felt.
my name is melissa and i had to lost my grandpa in 1999, on feb 13th. the day before valentines day. i was only 7 when he died and it was really hard on me because he was my best friend and my partner in crime. i liked this poem alot because it was like what i felt when he died.
This poem touched me in a way i cant explain my grandfather died november 5 2004 and he wouldnt see me get my license or graduate either it hurt so much and your poems so beautiful it brought me to tears you have a true talent im sorry for your loss April
This poem really touched me because i recently have lost both of my grandfathers, both tragic and unexpected. This poem really does give a good insight on death because it is always so unexpected and very painful.
i want to say that this poem touched me very deep cause i also lost my grandfather in 95. and every thing this poem saids is all true cause thats how i feel. so for the person who wrote this you really did a fantastic job. i love your poem. CONGRATULATIONS!
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