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This poem shows that there is always someone or something that you can talk to.

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omg. i absolutely LOVED this poem, mainly because it reminds me of my best friend Danelle. anyway. keep up the amazing work!
i thouth it was very good
Well written! You have a true insight of the reality of life.
this poem is a very good state about life and what people should look at. it shows that ur not the only one going through it. nice poem.

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The Wishing Star

"Stars are made for wishing on"
My very best friend told me
So I gazed upon an October night's sky
And I picked the brightest star I could see

I named my star Karen
A very special name
Now that this star had a title
She was all mine to claim

I thought about what I wanted
Something that I could wish for
But as I thought about my wish I realized
Into this process should go much more

Karen should know my thoughts
Behind each and every wish
So before I made my wish that night
I told to Karen this

I could wish for money
Because my family is very poor
However to be rich, money is not a necessity
A person needs so very much more

I could wish for that special boy to like me
And say those three little words
But love is a much more sacred link
That comes on a path with thousands of curves

I could wish to be famous
To be someone other than myself
But self worth is measured by much more than
Having the most trophies on your shelf

Instead I want to be rich in spirit
Sound in soul and mind
I wish that when I see the pot at the end of the rainbow
Character is what I will find

Instead I wish for understanding
And courage in matters of love
I pray I'll meet the special someone
And through tough times we will rise above

Most of all I wish for the ability to know and like
Who I am and what I have become to be
And I ask that you help me realize
That I am special even if that's not what I always see

I thanked Karen for listening to
My wishes and my dreams
And there she is shinning bright
No matter how dark it seems

Karen listens to all I say
Even though she live in a world so far
But no matter where either of us end up living
She will always be my wishing star

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very touching. i like the way you wrote it. by reading it, you seem to mesmerize my soul and make me want to finish it. i hope all your dreams in your come true. God bless you always. and keep up the good work!(wink!)
thanks for writing this poem is very beautiful.
I found the poem very touching and uplifting. I myself am guilty of wishing on stars and found the poem to be one that can touch the hearts of many. It inspires us all to believe in ourselves and not seek an impossible perfection. Thanks for wrting this poem, it is just what I was looking for as part of an anniversary present scrapbook!
This is a great poem! I just wanna say a huge congrats to the poet who wrote it, because it is so good! Thanx :D!
i really liked ur poem. i thought u was really really good. keep up the good work.
that poem was gorgeous, really lovely. YOu touched me, well done!
I love your poem because it reminds me of me . I always wanted to be famous and to be wish and to be the bset dancer there ever was ab ever since i was young I always wished on a star and that I'm older I know now that if I want to become all of these things in life now I NOW THAT I HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!
this poem has the ability to reach in and conect with the reader it gives you something to think about and something to feel i liked this alot
I Loved It! 1-10 I Give It A Ten!
You have talent as a poet. One of the better poems i have seen on the site. I'm impressed, and that saying a lot. (I'm picky. ) Touching poem, nice and long to express an enlongated point. Very nice. -Josh Mayfield
I loved it =]
Thank you for creating that poem it was truly wonderful keep it up
I really enjoyed this peom because i have always felt i needed to wish for all thos things so i could feel right and in place. the money and that one special boy and everything else. But she is true in saying that everything is not always what u need and this poeom made me realize that i dont need all those things i need a wishing star. And i thank her for writing it for everyone to read and realize.
This is such a good poem! the person who wrote this is awsome!
beautiful poem
this was GREAT i'm sure there is a lot of people who can relate having somebody to talk to
I love this poem because it reminds me of myself i feel the same way at times.
your poem was soo deep and filled with such emotion, im not sure i have ever read something so heart filled that i didnt need to read it again it was excellent i really enjoyed it
I adore this poem because it describes the moment when you realize the monsters aren't under the bed, but inside you. It is like when Maturity finally starts to hit you. It's beautiful. I made a personal connection with it.
sweet n simple
i ABSOLUTELY loved your poem
~!* that peom really touched me it made me think of my dad that past away. even though i do the same by sitting in my bedroom praying to god and telling him how i wish that such tradjety would never happen but now i no as i get older. ~!*
I thought it was beautiful. I loved it. Great job!
very good
I am speechless.
This poem is really awesome and soemthing opened sleeping thoughts. I found myself rosey. -dee
excellent! what a wonderful poem! awesome! nice joB!
All i can say is WOW.
wow this is a great poem. u seem to have ur goals and priorties really in place. i admire u and respect u and i wish and pray for the same things. thanks for being honest!
I liked that poem because she is asking for much needed things. like courage and love. she's not asking to be Donald Trump or Janet Jackson, but she is asking for something that everyone needs and espiecially(SP) her. i give you an 8.
This is a really beautiful poem it fits me so well thank you for sharing such a great poem. Keep writing girl your the best
omg that was so good u rock! ive never heard taht quote before and now that i have read your poem i know i have someone who cares. even though its not a person i know that if i had my own special star id know everything will be ok
i'm totally blur after i read this poem. How can a person write such a poem ,it's really touch my heart. the best line of the poem is the line which the author say to understand your self. i also love the way the author say that love,money and popularity is something we can't buy or wish for. it is something we must try ouirself to get it. wow. what a poem
Hey I just want to say this poem shoots(rocks)! It was well written and keep it up! Wishing on a star is more than a wish! Its a thought like u said in your poem! It helps to know u have something to help u! Thanks!
its a very good and understanding poem. i like it so much. its also well written too.
Everyone should have a Wishing Star. It's a wonderful idea. A beautiful poem!
this touched me so much! i love this poem!
i lost my cousin named karen thank you
This poem is very inspiring because one day I would like to be a writter and this poem is a poem that keeps my hopes up and encouarges me to persue this dream.
It is very passionate about what you can talk about. In situations like that, you can talk about anything. Just wish I had that luxury.
damn. this is hott. I thought I was the only one who talked to the 'special' star and name it.
That was great, i feel da same. most people should look at the world as u explained. u did great. i give u lots of propps for dat poem.
I love this poem as it is very inspiring and the poet personalizing it makes it more special. I will give a copy to my daughters kimberly and Johari.
I am always touched with poems like this. About life, wishes and compassion. I would like to vote for this poet. Congratulations!
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