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I was a real nerd when I was in grade school and I had no friends. Everyone seemed so goddamn perfect and wonderful, and I seemed to have no place in it. Back then I did not have the release of poetry to fall back on. However, in retrospect, I wrote this poem and presented it orally for my English class. Surprisingly, every single person in that room knew what I had felt.

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I remember finding this poem on the web, six years ago. I was in the sixth grade then, and although I didn't really feel the poem at the time, it kind of predicted the rest of those middle school years for me. I read it at a school poem reading, and won a prize for best oration (I credited the author, don't worry). Even now, I can still recite a few lines from it, which is how i found it again. It still rings true :)
The poem really relates to me as a class chairman where everyone thinks ur unfair and thinks you dont have feelings and say negative comments.
Wonderful poem. In my opinion, everyone has felt like this at least once in their life. But for those of us who have felt it more often then others, this poem can make us feel better about ourselves and our lives. It can help us realize that we can be dead wrong in some of our assumptions of how others regard us because they might have the same feelings also.
that's a great poem!

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Have Mercy

Can't be who I am,
Gotta keep it all inside
I'm happy when I'm out,
But alone I sit and cry.
I smile to keep you happy
I smile when you're around
But all the time I know
My life's come crashing down
You've never looked into my head
and wondered if I cry
I bet you think I'm happy here
But I only want to die

So tell me if you see me
as you walk the halls today
I'm that girl that no one likes
and makes feel bad in every way
I'm the one forced in a group
when doing projects in school
You're the one who laughs at me
Cuz you think you're too cool
So next time you laugh at me
Just remember this poem
I'm a human being too
and I cry when I'm alone.

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that was a wonderful poem . do your thing girl.
This poem really struck me as the truth. So many times I cry alone but it seems no one will ever see. Then you try to keep it hidden and say it's no big deal to yourself, but it is. You just feel like you're dying slowly every day. Thanks for writing this poem, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
perfect. exactly how i feel. why can't people SEE that?
im not the girl forced into groups, but i have been one to be mean to girls that aernt like me, so thank you for letting me realize how much i could hurt some one.
I know exactly how you felt! this poem really explains what I was going through.
hi,i just wanna tell u wut i think about this poem i dont wanna critique it but just let u know wu i think. in mah life i had tha kind a experiance and now i know tha tha kind a ppls are not good for me if someone make fun of me i wont pay attention cuz it's tha kind a ppls who make ur life missery. i'm yung and the way i shose mah friends it's simple if u dindnt like me a tha beging u never gonna like me and it's gonna be tha same fo me. those ppls who came talk to u after that they did those bad things to u it's just cuz they are. they feel bad
I enjoyed ur poem bcuz it really explained how the people who are left out, judged, mistreated, talked about and always critized, feel. How they really feel. And that is very inspiring and TRUE! Bcuz i know how that girl felt bcuz i used to b like her.
wow. that made me cry! (that means it good) you are an amazzing writer keep up the good work!
explains a lot for those who cant speak up
I love this poem because I can relate to it. Before I became "so called popular" almost nobody knew who I was and I was a nobody. I know how it feels to be left out and to not be noticed. I love this poem. I hope that other people enjoy it as much as I do.
This is a GREAT poem, it almost made me cry. it is SO true! thank u for writing this! i have an english project where i have to get two poems that express my feelings, so i'll use this, but i'll make sure to give the credit to u! :)! -Lauren
wen i read this poem i felt as if the poem was talkin about me. every emotion expressed in the poem is an emotion that i feel
i love it. It's exacly my life!
Hey Alesha and others readings this, I really like this poem because it is soooo true. I know that I'm speaking with others when I tell you that this poem is wonderful and great and a lot of people can relate to this poem. I know its really hard for a fact because I am a reffered to a nerd a school because I love to read and it hurts because our school is small. After awhile you feel lonely-like your alone. That's what this poem is about and I love it so much. At first I was speechless. But we're are all people and we are the same as anyone else and we deserve better. Thanks for courage.
I was in the middle of a school project due tomorrow which I barely even looked at and this poem came across my search on the niternet and i just had to answer it for it spoke so much. It really touched me!
wow. ths poem is sooo touching.
this poem is awsome. it expresess me soo much!
Wow. I felt like that poem was almost just like me. I know how you feel. I really do think that people should have mercy for others, others that especially didn't do anything to you. I know EXACTLY how you feel.
This poem is a really good poem and it deals with real people and situations and i admire that because it shows some sensitivity to those "outsiders" keep writing your really good!
WOW what can I say This is one of the most touching poems i have ever read you are talented and keep it up! This is exactly how I felt just a few years ago but then I gained power and when you see a person just like this raise them up and become friends with them!
I luv this poem. I know exactly how you feel
This is so true! i luv it keep it up
i really liked this poem. it was excellant. i hope you keep writing.
I don't know what to say??!?? so ill sit here in silents 4 a few more minutes and then ill read it again!
WOW! This poem sounds like what I've been thinking every day for the past 10 years.
I love this poem I think this really reflects on some people's lifes. Keep writing poems like this, you are an insperation!
Wow, oh my gosh, this poem is brilliant and true, very powerful. I LUV IT!
The power of this poem is so real in my heart; it made me cry. I feel the power if it in every way; especially after today; im just a nothing girl who is nice to everyone but isnt treated with such respect even by my own "best friend" and today i felt the cruelty of the "popular girls" and had a revelation bout the kinda people they truly are, which was always there, i was only blinded by my belief that everyone has a good heart. Now i know how that isnt so very true.
This Poem was meant for me I think. Thats how it is for me in school. Alot of people shy away from me because of my Weight, they just dont look at me for who i am! I wish each one of them who think that could read this poem and realize how much it hurts. I wish they could be in my shoes for just one day of my life and feel what I feel! This poem brought back memories of how i feel! thanks soo much for writing it! God Bless
Your poem is soo good. I have read many poem and most dont realate to me and this one realates to real people and real life. It show about people and their problems. I really liked it.
Wah. It's like you can read my mind. Yur poem is so honest, it's scary. If I had to rate you out of 1-10. you wouldn't be on the scales at all! You'd be ober them!
Your poem is very good and it is saddly so true.
felipe about me..
your poem relates to someone in every high school.i would consider myself as part of the popular group but i also try to be friendly with everyone. even though i do this i ostracize a lot of the kids I consider aren't cool enough and know this is wrong but sometimes it can't be helped. its this whole idea of fitting in but i do agree that no one should be treated this way and i know from experience because i am one of the people that have crossed over from this side to the popular side.
wow that was a great poem. it makes me thing about what other people feel. i dont have that problem but i no that there are kids in school that do. next time some one says something i will do something about it.
This poem reminds me of how i used to be. I know how it feels to be treated unimportant, and like i dont have feelings, and i hope it inspires people to think twice before they treat others like that.
This poem is so great, it somehow reflects how I feel. Alesha, you are a great poet, continue doing good poems
This is the most wonderful poem I've ever read. I brought this in to school and read it in front of my class. Now everyone treats me so much better. The sad thing is that it took having to read this poem to have them look at me differently.
U girl i swear i love this poem is so good 1 i just love its really good, i wish i cound hear more poem about this!
i have tried to find a poem that even closly relates the way i feel. i moved to a new state and school in my junior year in high school and wheni read this poem i think i have found the one that i have been looking for. im the girl that no one seems to notice, wether it be in class or in the halls.
i fink your really deep and awake with lifes mistakes. Dont loose this, even though people are nasty and inconsiderable, they could never compare to your inner beauty. Stay this way and im sure they'll never hurt you to the point of u giving in
i think your poem is the greatest iv ever read by some one of your age. People are all the same and your poem shows this. Why people are as blind as they are to others feelings is one thing i try but fail to understand. Maybe if some one put them on the reciving end one day they'd wake up to other's pain
Hey. I love this poem. It describes me down to the very necessities. Life foe teens is so hard these days, esecially with the whole popularity thing. I believe the more popular people should read this poem. Maybe then they would reallize what they are doing to us!
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