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This poem describes how I feel about certain people in my life. It conveys the message of friendship through a hero's eyes. This poem is dedicated to all those unsung heroes out there who don't consider themselves a hero, yet people in their life do. I believe that the unsung heroes in the world today are one of the most important kind of people.

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i loved this poem its the only onei can find a bout hero's well done!:D
i liked this because it's very true, and my best friend likes to call me her hero coz i helped her through tough times. I didn't know how to explain to her why i wasn't actually a hero, but this poem explains it perfectly. thank you
Great poem. ! i love it and it gets a 5+1 stars rating!hhaha
i think your poem is really good. it really touched me when i read it it really reminded me of a hero i had. i picked this poem out of all the other teen poems to present in my eight grade class. good poem. PEACE -Terrance

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My Hero

You may not consider yourself,
But you may very well be
A leader, a winner,
For all the world to see.

In the eyes of others,
You are a martyr.
You have received recognition,
And you have worked harder.

But why ? Why all the praise?
I have done nothing but kept my word,
To a dear friend who needed me,
In every incidence that occurred.

But friend, I tell you, you are a hero.
You helped me see the light.
When I had no eyes,
You saved me, and you were my sight.

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Really fantastic, this is one of my favorite poems!
i love it it great i gve it a 100000000000%
One of the perfect poems to use for friendship. Love this!
Very moving keep the good work up
I really enjoyed this poem, because it reminds me of a dear friend of mine. He has been there for me when I needed him most, but never has been able to see how wonderful he is.
That poem was beautiful!
That peom is sooo sweet. ur a g8t poet!
Great poem!:)
Wow , I like this peom it rocks , it soooo wonderful , also sooo awesome
I am taking a public speaking class and we are doing speeches on our heros. I was able to use this poem for the conclusion and I had a hard time holding back my tears. Great job with this!
This poem touched me. I have a special friend, an unsung hereo in my life. I am moving across the world, and I don't know if I'll see her again, but she's touched me.
I loved your poem it really touched me in a way i thought I could never feel
i voted for this poem because i thought it was good and it reminded me more or my mom than any of my friends.
I really liked this poem a lot
This was a really touching poem.
i have a poem thing like this and it really touch me cause i decated a poem some wat like that to my pastor that wat she had went through and that truely show me that she was my hero
that was coooool i never new that i could be a hero
This i a great pome peom. It remains me of a freind that i have. His name is Bryan, Bryan is someone who i have come to admire and respect. This is something that hits the center of my heart in that spot too.
This is a wonderful poem it reminds me of one of my friends
this is such a great poem you wrote Keri i love
this poem is very moving
I love this! Very inspirational and happy. We're all hero's, thanks for pointing it out!
This is a great poem it really ment alot to me becuse I have someone I consider my hero.
Wow! THAT WAS AMAZING YOU HAVE TALENT keep writing i was so touched by this i had to take a moment i was turly speechless i showed this to everyone i knew at school the ones who appreciated it loved it as well good work
It was a touching poem.
well firstly it touched me, its a nice heart-warming poem and i did really like it, to add to my vote it gave me an A in class when i used it for my ideas in a poem i wrote. keep on writing poems as u obviously have skill! yours sincerely Kia
My best friend truely fits this poem and I just had to email it to him. This is the perfect poem!
I realy likeed your poem and i think ur somewhat a great poet.
This poem is a very well constructed one. It makes you feel like a burden has been lifted in a way. You are a very talented person and you shall go a long way with poetry if you plan to stick to it. I guess that I'm rambling a bit too much and i don't mean to take up your time like this, but you should know that your poem speaks louder than words to some people, I happen to be one of those people. Continue writing poetry and you will go a long way, see ya!
This poem reminded me how much I truly appreciate my friends. I never realized how lucky a person is to have friends, they will always be there for you. Great job righting your poem, it was truly an inspiration. Continue wrting! :)
I really liked the poem. I have a real good friend that really did save my life and it reminds me of her. Good work.
That was awesome. I wish my friend Kelly would read it.
just drop by to say that was really good
This is a really good poem. I loved it. It is really good.
this poem was very thoughtful and original i loved the way it expressed friends as heroes because to me my friend ashley is a hero
the poeam touched me! it describes me directly! i am a hero! its amazing your an awsome person
I liked the poem it was very touching. i really enjoy reading you poems.
Excellent piece of work!
i really love this poem! Words can't describe it!
this poem is awesome it has a great meaning
I really liked your poem because it relates to one of the friends that i hae and how she has showed me the rigt way to turn and the right way to go when i had the roughest times. Tak you for sharing your wonderful poem!
This poem is so touching it really makes you think of who is there for you and the friends that really count. I know my best friend is my hero! She is the one who is always there to make you smile or just to have a good laughand! Everyone says that about there best friend but I know I have a best friend that hardly ever comes around!
i luv this poem, it is so true. i noe exactly how it is to have that special friend who u look at as a hero, i am glad some1 could finnaly put it into words because i cant. keep up ur work i think u have a talent
This is a really great poem and I like it because it reminds me of a great friend who I would say is a brother to me because he is there for me and he knows when to tell someone if I am doing something that I shoud not.
I rEaLlY Lyk It!
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