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I wrote this poem dedicated to my very close friend. He always had a way to make me smile! He would always have the right things to say, even when I thought no one could ever make me feel better!

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it's beatiful. keep it up
i really like this poem it just touches my heart, I was looking up poems for my best friend because she is going to a different high school than me next year and I think that it will touch her to. Great Job!
I Love It!

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This Friend

I love having you as a friend,
You make my day brighter,
I'm happy with this friend I've found
Who makes my burdens lighter.
Whenever I see you,
It makes me want to smile,
You were never too cool,
Always in Style.
Don't you ever leave me,
I'll never make you frown,
By your side I'll always be,
Especially when you're down.
Even through the worst of days,
I will be right here,
Watching you through ever faze,
Catching every tear.
You hold my feelings in your hand,
Every single one,
My friendship will forever stand,
Even when the fun is done.
So don't ever forget me,
For I will not forget you,
Here for you I will always be,
No matter what you do.
If others could feel as free,
As I feel with this Friend,
Friendship and warmth is all they'd see,
And love would never end.

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Kyra Jo
man that peom just touched me man were did you ever think of that poem?
"this is the coolest poem I've ever heard"
Ashley L
Hey i really like ur poem very much! that is really true about friends.
This poem kinda reminds me of my friend stepheny well my x friend i will always love her no matter if we are friends are not! And i really liked this poem!
I love this poem. The writer seems like an experienced writer to me. Continue to write more poems and put on the internet. I am delighted by this poem.
This is a great poem and it reminds me of me ndd my best friend.
i love ur poems i sweet
i really like this poem it touches me alot because i have some friends that makes me feel like this.
this poem rocks. this ddescrib me and my friend
Totally brilliant!
Awesome poem, touching and really true. Loved it, you will love it to :)
Awesome, wonderful, one of the bests.
The poem is extra lovely to express it to my friends especially when you aren't in touch with them. I liked the poem alot and please do keep writing such poems.
I loved this poem it is the same feelings i feel for my best friend . I dedicate this poem to you Erica U. Wildcat#3
Hey i freakin LOVE this poem. I read it like 20 times. It is really good. Do you have any more?
WOW this poem touched me in many ways. It was so beautiful. Thanks!
I am going 2 send this poem 2 all my best friends that i really believe in!
I really like this poem. very much! it made me realized that i'm very lucky to have my best friend right now. she mean so much to me! her name is sarah. she's very genuine and a fighter. she's always there for me! thank u girlie for this poem. keep it up!
Hi! Man your poem was great! I am a poet myself and i enjoyed your poem, it is straight forward and is so in depth, i love it! Keep up the outstanding work!
this is a very nice peom that he/she wrote i gave it to a friend for chirstmas
i haven't read such a nice , wonderful poem. it's really nice.
This Poem is so so so Cool,Because it is so true. Every time i am in a bad mood i can always call that best friend and she ALWAYS puts me in a bad mood. This is dedicated to my best friend Stephanie.
This is an awesome poem. It explains exactly how I feel about a friend but I don't dare tell him how I feel yet. Thanks for putting it into words!
i really liked this poem it really touched me. don't give up and you'll go far.
laurice claire
love the musicality and warmth behind the poem! keep on writing and inspiring! ^_^
sheila mae
i really like poems and i'm having fun writing different kinds of poems about my friends!and when i found this one i remember one of my friend that i really like!
i loved you're poem. keep it up.
This poem was truly a great creation. I appload you in your talent as a writer.
this poem has made me feel so good to have friends. i even printed it out and stuck it on my best friends scrapbook before he moved 3 states away. this poem will always remind me of how my best friend acted and how he was always there for me. this poem was really touching. Thank You, "T"
i loved this poem!
This was a very touching poem and I liked it, it is just what me and my best friend Amanda are all about bff 4-life luv ya mandax0x0x00x0x0x Marina. bc. vancover island. sayward
I like dis poem it's very touching keep up da good work.
I give it an 8 out of 10
I really liked this poem and it really discribed how I feel about my friend. Great job!
thank you this ppoem was hella cute am here crying my face off cause this peom touched me like no other. man i wish i can have you has a friens cause this touched me so much. well love to talk to you please write back love always diana reyes!
this reminds me of me and my best friends. !
i found it simple yet it told of the emotions that most people hold for their friends
this poem remindes me of one of my guy friends that had died in the year 2000! he would have graduated this year! we were really close ! thats for putting your poem on here! i never want to forget him! leah
I loved this poem because it was real life and down to earth. I can relate with it because that is how I feel about my friends. Great work, Girlie!
this is an awsome poem i can really relate to it
I loved this peom, mostly because it reminded me of my true friends, and my feelings for them. It reminded me of how I am very close to certain people, and how I shouldn't be sad or depressed, because I will always have those few close friends to help me. Thanks for making this peom, it really touched my heart!
i loved your poem, i is really good and i have e-mailed it to all of my friends! thanx 4 making my day!
this poem encourages friendship this is a lovely poem written by the author this poem makes true friendship alive a friend in need is a friend in deed friendship is the relif with the ink of love
I think that Poem was totaly awesome!
I love this poem. It really touched me about my friends in my life. Thanks!
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