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To my very best friend Miranda who has always been there for me. Someone who knows how to make me laugh and finish my sentences even before I do. I hope that our dreams come true soon. Love ya sis!

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I LOVE this poem it is so great
I love this poem, it defines my classmates and me friendship. We're the original 6 students since our school began. Since then we've had people to come in and out of our class,bu twe've always been there for each other. So once again in lamens term " This poem Rocks".
I love this poem i used it for my Facs homework i went online expecting cheesy and got this which was one i loved. i have 1 poem now getting published!
I love this it amazing

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Friends 4-Life

Friends 4- life is what we are
Through thick and thin you were my friend
Leaning on you, you gave me support
The strength to get up and go again

If my heart was shattered, you'd heal it
If my heart was happy, we both rejoiced in it

You are my best friend
always and forever
It's been good
the best friendship ever
Never end, now and forever

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this was good but it would be even betta if it rhymed it was toucing and sweet. it was cute to tell a little gurl or someting but yeah it was cool
I really like this poem a whole lot.
this poem was very soft and i really liked it. great job!
i love this one i give it a A+ lol keep it goin! love it! :D
This peom is really cute!
Well I thought you did a ansome job
it's a beatiful poem. keep it up girl
I like the poem very much. I remembered my old bestfriend while reading it. But never mind her, she has forgotten me already, she has her new bunch of friends and I have my own too! And this poem, I offer it to Krizka and Johanna. I love you Guys!
i like this poem couse it says to stick with your best friend couse of my best friends have boyfriends and forgot all about me but i will never forget them!
This poem reminds you how much friendship is important!
I love this poem, cuz it reminds me of my bestest friend in the whole wide world Rissa who is like a sister to me. I love ya Rissa!
What i like was how she made it so simple to say what a best friend is !
I love this poem. Its really touched my heart.
this was a great poem it really showed how much a friend is worth
very gd just like mi bezzie lucy
I really liked it, and it encourges me to know that you can always have a best friend and, everything on the enternet is not bad.
me and my best friend have been friends forever and we love each other and we have this symbol and it is LYLAS and that means "love ya like a sista" we use it everyday so friend if you can see this LYLAS!(loveyalikesista)
this peom has to do with every one life. really really good
who ever wrote this poem i just want you to no that is one of the best poems about friendship i have herd! and who every your best friend is should be happy to have a friend like you!
I love this poem because it describes me and my best friends perfectly. It went straight to my heart! On a scale from 1 to 10, it would definitely be a 10.
i love this poem!
This poem truly touched me cos i hav best friend 4 life which i hav had as best friends since i was born and i would never want our friendship to break apart and i know how lucky someone would be to have friends cos finding a friend for life can be hard sometimes!
i really liked this poem it is very interesting .
this is a great poem i have read so far
I really enjoyed this poem! It touched my heart that is the same way thatI feel about a friend of mine!Thank you Doryan Hallicy you really inspired me!
thanx so much 4 this poem it was great it really touched me love jess
i really like this poem because it explains me and my bst friend in the whole entire world
i think this poem not really bad.
i really like this poem this remind me of my best friend
grt poem i loved very much
whoever wrote this poem it is awesome. I love it. You have a very good talent. Keep it up. I liked it so much that i told my friend that i realated it to, to go to this site and check it out. She said it was wonderful.
Nicely written and totally beautiful.
i love this poem it is very sweet my bst friends name is miranda too!
i love this poem soo much it reminds me of my best friend amber who i love with all my heart!~!i love this poem!
it almost like me and my friend
This was an awesome poem. I truly enjoyed it.
this poem inspired me to write my own. i give thanks to this author and i hope you become famous! may your dreams come true!~shiana
i really enjoyed readin ur poem. i have two very beautiful best pals. i know that someday we'll have 2 part but i still want us 2 be pals. i'm just goin to send them this poem. lav & keep it burnin coz u rock!
I can relate to this poem because my best friend in the world is always helping me through bad times when my other friends don't care. Thank you so much Tabby. You are my best friend and my sister.
this poem really & truly touvhed my heart its BEAUTIFUL! keep up the good work ur friend must b very happy!
loved it ! totally understand i have a best friend who is lyk my sister ! great poem !
this is VERY cute. i sent it to all of my friends. thank you so much for putting it on there. =)
Your poem really touched me bcuz i feel this same way about my best friend. n i really liked this poem :)
I liked that poem. It made me think of a really good friend of mine.
The Friends 4-life poem is very good poem for friends. The poem describes your friend in a simple way and you might thihk of your friend.
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