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Teen Poems about Friendship

Teen Poems about Friendship

In most ways, friendship between teens isn't any different than friendship at any other time in our life. Still, adolescence is a tumultuous time, and teens often rely on their friends to be the only ones in the world that seem to understand them. And that can only serve to strengthen an already powerful bond.

Teen Poems about Friendship (1-25)

  • by RainDreamer
    Some friendships evolve into more - and sometimes it works just the opposite.
  • by Kay
    The end of another school year changes many things.
  • by Ashley Baron
    It's not always easy to understand why the people we care about don't seem to care about us.
  • by Hunniebe
    Friendship is just another word for forgiveness.
  • by Jessica Sills
    Burdens are lighter when carried by two…
  • by Seth Isaacs
    Friends can not only help us to live better lives, but they can also inspire us.
  • by Jacquilyn Flory
    We don't always recognize the value of a friend unless we take a closer look.
  • by Keri
    Those most valiant in life don't always hold a sword or leap tall buildings. Sometimes, they are those who simply know how to care.
  • by Nokia
    Friendship is good. And, at times, a little confusing. Even scary.
  • by Lindsey
    Summer separations can be a very lonely time.
  • by Doryan Hallicy
    Some friendships seem Eternal
  • by Smile
    Not all the angels wear wings and not all reside in heaven.

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Teen Poems about Friendship continued

  • by Jessee
    There is music in the laughter of friends. And sometimes the harmony might even sound familiar.
  • by Girlie
    Friendship means different things to different people. And it's often just the same.
  • by Francisco Zenteno
    If a gift is sent from God, it must be an angel. Right?
  • by Karin Solum
    The hardest part of being a friend is knowing when ...
  • by Rochelle Bue
    High school graduation is both an end and a beginning. Those who have seen us through our school years will forever remain friends.
  • by Robert Elliott
    Life is full of changes, but never more so than as a teen. Even friendships, of necessity, change. And so do we.
  • by Gap
    Friendship is a dream many have. But not all dreams come true.
  • by Mara Maya
    Friendship is about caring - not necessarily about understanding.
  • by Andrea Bumstead
    Friendship can sometimes encourage us to become better persons.
  • by Bonnie Hopper
    We can learn a great deal from our youth. This young poet writes about the value of standing by our friends in times of need.
  • by Kara
    We accept a lot from people we care about. But some things can't be accepted. Some things are just wrong.
  • by Nikkie
    Best friends just can't be replaced. They complement our lives so beautifully.
  • by Meghan
    It's always important to tell friends how special they are. And that's even more true when they're about to leave us.
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